Author David E. Gumpert is coming to Newmarket Jan. 21 to hear the verdict in Michael Schmidt’s raw milk trial

As author of the recent book, “The Raw Milk Revolution” and publisher of “The Complete Patient” blog, David E. Gumpert is quite possibly the world’s foremost raw milk journalist.

David E. Gumpert -- possibly the world's foremost expert on the politics of raw milk in North America.

David seems to make a point of being wherever in North America raw milk news is happening. Last summer he was in Washington state as a guest speaker at the American Veterinary Medicine Association raw milk symposium. Earlier in the year he also attended the raw milk symposium near Washington D.C. — the one where U.S. Dairy Czar John Sheehan and his FDA colleages canceled at the last moment leaving people wondering whether it was the prospect of meeting raw milk supporters that scared him off.

David also attends court cases like the recent trial of Max Kane in Wisconsin. David is a raw milk consumer himself, but he became one only after becoming interested in the topic from a journalistic perspective. So you could say he’s doing “research” in the well-worn gonzo tradition of Hunter S. Thompson.

David's recent book about the raw milk controversy

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt has also made a point of being present at recent flashpoints for the fledgeling raw milk movement in North America. And he’s met and talked with David at numerous events and conferences. And maybe that’s what led to David’s decision to make the trek up to Canada to be present for the announcement of the long-awaited verdict in Michael Schmidt’s raw milk case — which was heard last year at about this time.

Michael is hoping that arrangements can be made for David to give a talk and a book signing following the announcement of the verdict. Stay tuned for details of venue and time.

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