From Michael Schmidt to friends in B.C.

Ontario raw milk farmer Micheal Schmidt shares his thoughts and feelings regarding the latest action by B.C. regulators (see post below):

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

With a thankful heart and inner joy do I follow your worthwhile struggle You are providing the public with the amazing opportunity to see how you are standing up to authorities in order to continue the flow of real nourishment to children, to the elderly and those who are sick and those who cannot and do not want to digest the foods forced upon all of us against our will.

As stronger the attacks by the authorities will become as more you will realize how you garner strength and determination to stand up for  all our rights. Health Units across Canada use any means to spread information which is tainted and misleading as you know by now.

Be not afraid of these tactics. Keep exposing them and keep challenging them.

This is our body, and we have the responsibility to put into our body food we know, we feel and experience is best for us.

We do not force anybody else to drink our fresh un-adulterated raw milk if they do not wish to drink that wonderfull substance which nourished mankind for thousands of years. It is everybodies choice.
I have been watching your brave stand and courage. All I wish for is, that there would be many more like you  simply taking this very simple step to say NO.

This is our right ,this our live, this is our milk.

Farmers need the protection and partnership with those who want the milk. Farmers can do a wonderful job looking after your cow and your calf and your milk. But the farmer cannot stand alone anymore against those, who are in the process of taking our last rights away.

As you will encounter these tactics of our elected officials be clear that they only do their job which means they do not care about you and your family. They care mostly about doing a good job blackmailing you and your farmer, trying to get brownie points from those, who pull the strings.

But never forget they all human beings. Be fair and kind but firm. Authorities have not encountered enough that we the people can say NO.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will win back our right  to make decisions pertaining to our health and well being.

Dear Friends I will be there if you need me. Uniting with all our friends across this continent.

Stay strong and keep the raw milk flowing. This has to be your priority because your families need the milk of human kindness to be healthy.

Even IF the court will decide on January 21, 2010 against the will of the people and against the principles of freedom, I too will not back down until we achieve our goal.


Warm regards Michael Schmidt

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One response to “From Michael Schmidt to friends in B.C.

  1. Gord

    Right now the only action that could happen is that the shareholders launch a suit against Fraser Health for stealing their property.

    Unfortunately for the businesses involved, they are in breach of BC statutes for “distributing” raw milk. This is clearly against the law. Note that the regulators did not touch the milk at private residences. This is because they are not subject to regulation, by virtue of being “private” – they are not public businesses.

    But then, the herdshare in Chilliwack is also in violation of provincial statutes… if only they didn’t deal in raw milk… if only they dealt with “cows” only. Then they’d be exempt… Every cow/herdshare agreement I’ve seen is a blatant attempt to circumvent jurisdictional impairments.

    Maybe the Washington State raw milk dairies will profit from this. Hmmm… money lost to BC….

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