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Official lab test results on raw milk samples tell a different story than news releases from B.C. health authorities

This just in from Gordon Watson on the B.C. situation:

Alice Jongerden, the agister for Home on the Range cowshare, with the farm's cows. Paul Henderson photo from The Chilliwack Tiimes

Today, Jan 6th, 2010,  I got a copy of the lab results printout which was given to one of our former depots, by Vancouver Coastal Health.

A ‘cfu’ means = colony forming unit.

The presence of colonies of bacteria is the way foods, in particular milk, are tested for pathogens. It is important to realize that we live in a world of bacteria everywhere. Colonies of bacteria may be either ‘good’ bacteria or ‘bad’ for human beings.  For purposes of food safety, what matters is the sheer quantity of colonies present in a one gram sample of milk. Continue reading


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B.C. officials issue raw milk warning

The Globe and Mail’s Karen Moxley reports on alleged raw-milk related health hazards in B.C.:

“The B.C. Centre for Disease Control is warning British Columbians to discard raw milk from a Chilliwack dairy after some products tested positive for fecal contamination.

An investigation by Public Health officials found some of the Home on the Range Dairy’s unpasteurized products were tainted, likely by germs from the bowels of either animals or humans.

Dairy owner Alice Jongerden believes her raw milk is safe, but did say that contamination might have occurred at the beginning of December when she changed her cows’ bedding from sand to a product called straw-dust.

“We didn’t have enough bedding for about a week’s time,” said Mrs. Jongerden. “The cows were a little bit dirtier.” Continue reading


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Gordon Watson replies to B.C. govt. media offensive against raw milk and “Home on the Range” raw dairy

It’s always fascinating to get the back story behind media campaigns like the one we’re seeing now in B.C.

When a child got sick in November, and raw milk from Home on the Range was suspected, health officials didn't bother notifying the farm. They waited until January and took the story directly to the media. Is it any surprise people question whether this is really all about health? Photo from the website of Home on Range raw dairy near Chilliwack, British Columbia, the farm at the centre of this story.


The media release from the BC Centre for Disease Control bodes to be a textbook example of how the smear campaign is carried out against REAL MILK.

What’s going on is that about the middle of November, one of our shareholders took his child to the hospital complaining of intestinal distress. The doctor asked for a list of what the child had been eating. When they got to “raw milk”, the doctor stopped asking.  That child is soon recovered and is perfectly OK now.

On December 16th when they slapped the first Order on us, I met with Gordon Stewart, a manager at Fraser Health, to negotiate getting our milk back.  He said they had had “allegations” that someone had been ill from our milk. Yet he point-blank refused to give me any information. Continue reading

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B.C.’s anti-raw-milk offensive continues

Here’s the latest missive — a ready-to-print op-ed opinion piece sent out by the government to media outlets in beautiful British Columbia, No one could say they’re not trying hard to get their message out:


By Perry Kendall
[319 words]
Jan. 5, 2010

VICTORIA - There have been several media stories over the past few weeks concerning "raw milk" product consumption in British Columbia. The term "raw" in this case refers to unpasteurized milk.

By law, all milk sold or distributed in B.C. must be pasteurized - a process that raises milk to temperatures high enough to kill harmful bacteria. This is not a new public health protection idea. Commercial pasteurization of milk was first introduced in 1895, after Louis Pasteur discovered that the process inactivated spoilage organisms. Continue reading

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