Official lab test results on raw milk samples tell a different story than news releases from B.C. health authorities

This just in from Gordon Watson on the B.C. situation:

Alice Jongerden, the agister for Home on the Range cowshare, with the farm's cows. Paul Henderson photo from The Chilliwack Tiimes

Today, Jan 6th, 2010,  I got a copy of the lab results printout which was given to one of our former depots, by Vancouver Coastal Health.

A ‘cfu’ means = colony forming unit.

The presence of colonies of bacteria is the way foods, in particular milk, are tested for pathogens. It is important to realize that we live in a world of bacteria everywhere. Colonies of bacteria may be either ‘good’ bacteria or ‘bad’ for human beings.  For purposes of food safety, what matters is the sheer quantity of colonies present in a one gram sample of milk.

Less the better.

The FOOD QUALITY SAMPLING RESULTS for milk from our herd  show that, the colony forming units range between 1,300 for the butter, up to 3000 for other products. The fluid milk was 2,400.

Thus, the tests from the BC Centre for Disease Control show that our milk is well under the 10,000 cfu standard for pasteurized “homo milk” retailed in BC.

As well ; the standard in Washington state for raw milk sold there – quite legally under licences to dairies  – is not more than 10,000 cfu.

Our milk is perfectly fit to drink. It suits the so-called Health Authorities to use the loaded term “presence of fecal matter’  for fear mongering.   My suspicion that Fraser Health / Vancouver Coastal Health set out to demonize our cowshare has been confirmed. The fact that they have not actually shut down the flow of REAL MILK is tacit admission that cowsharing is perfectly legitimate.

The fact that they advertise a half-truth …  knowing that the ordinary person has no idea how milk is tested … exposes their bad faith.

Gordon S Watson


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6 responses to “Official lab test results on raw milk samples tell a different story than news releases from B.C. health authorities

  1. Gord

    Well pooh on them~

  2. Michael

    Before our raw milk trial in January I received a binder of all the lab testing results the investigators did in the previous months via their undercover agent and when they confiscated all the dairy products at the November farm raid.
    I was sure they would present these tests as evidence to proof their point.
    NO they did not enter them as evidence because they would have had a major difficulty convincing the judge that our milk was a danger to human health. I raised the issue at trial to enter the tests as evidence but the crown would not agree to that.
    So, that tells you all you need to know.
    How many recalls of beef did we have in the last 3 years. Tooo many to count. Look at the following website from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency:
    Please study the recalls and count them.
    Expose ,expose ,expose but do not back down

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  4. Bernie Bailey


    Testing milk samples can and should be your greatest friend and the more the better. Reminds me of the time I was having the county reports much less desirable then the other reports so I had my member of parliament Murry Gaunt stand beside the big tank that pored hundreds of liters of milk in to the carton filler that put out sixty liters a minute and he watched the federal,provincial,private and county representative take a carton one right after another and take away for sampling. The reports came back and the federal,provincial and private labs were all in agreement with our on sight lab while the county lab had dire results —last time the county took a sample. Or another time that my plant was invaded by inspectors because there were six people in the Goodrich hospital that said the milk they drank made them sick. I told them that Sun Rise Dairy had no customers in or near Godrich so we went to the hospital and were told it was Beatrice Milk.
    Ahhh the memories of owning the last small dairy in Western Ontario

    PS if any media print a retraction use my notes

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