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Questionable Testing Methodologies?

Gordon Watson replies to the latest numbers being quoted by B.C. health officials for bacterial levels in Home on the Range milk samples. Gordon is replying to John Carsley’s comments following this post on the Bovine:

Gordon Watson with one of the Jersey cows from Home on the Range in Chilliwack, British Columbia

“Just now, our farmer got off the phone with Mark McAfee,  one of the world’s experts on dairying.  He operates Organic Pastures in California, which sells raw milk according to the high standards demanded by that state’s licensing program. Although we’re confident our milk is good, still, we needed to understand how tests on samples of raw milk from our herd could result in such high bacterial counts,  relative to the levels raw milk farms do meet in Washington and California

Mark explained that the numbers put out by Vancouver Coastal Health are irrelevant,  because the tests weren’t done properly.  The protocol used by Organic Pastures is to take a sample of the milk immediately it comes from the cows.  All samples are kept at 33 F,  while being delivered on ice, overnight, to the state laboratory. The milk is tested the next day. Continue reading


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“It’s not about health, it’s about control”

West-coast raw milk advocate Gordon Watson tries to make sense out of recent official harassment of Home on the Range cowshare in Chilliwack, B.C.:

Gordon Watson, guardian angel of raw milk for Vancouverites

In the furore around Home on the Range dairy, statements from Health Authorities resulted in headlines such as “Raw milk hazardous to health”.

They’d have you believe that ‘every glass of raw milk is seething with bad germs’.  Which is utter nonsense.  In fact, as it comes from a healthy grass-fed cow, raw milk is one of the purest foods of all.  How milk is handled from then on determines whether it contains bacterial harmful to humans Continue reading

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RAW MILK ALERTS: U.S and Canadian alliances for raw milk (ARMs) formed — Farmer Michael Schmidt speaks out

This story is reprinted from Augie’s “Journal of Natural Food and Healing“:

It is now obvious that various groups are now unifying in the raw milk revolution. It is a battle of food and farming freedom centered around natural, raw milk; and one of individual liberty. Now is the time for all to stand up to be counted in this fast-growing movement.

U.S. and Canadian Raw Milk ALERT: Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) and Statement by Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt, Co-director of the Canadian ARM and leading raw milk advocate, faces fines and jail, Jan. 21.

Schmidt: Form Alliances Now. Food Freedom crises is global in nature and beyond our imagination. This is our chance now for the future of our children.

Pirtle: the new unified Alliances that are beginning to form around the world are voicing a universal outcry of citizens.

Staven: There appears to be a political backlash . . . We can no longer sit idle and watch our inherent rights be cast aside in favor of corporate profits.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA (January 10, 2010)–  U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) have announced their formation. These Alliances for Raw Milk (US ARM and Canadian ARM) and Family Farm and Food Freedom are to promote connections between natural farmers and dairies and families who want fresh, wholesome and healthy natural food choices based on their nutritional education. Continue reading


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Raw milk on tap — in Ljubljana

Photos of a raw milk automatic dispenser in Ljubljana Slovenia (below) are from the Life in Luxembourg blog:

Yup, that's right. In other countries, you can get raw milk without surreptitious meetings with milk maids in urban parking lots. See more photos "below the fold".

This is what the “Life in Luxembourg” blogger has to say about this discovery: Continue reading


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Who’s pushing pasteurization, and why?

Here’s the story from an email newsletter recently forwarded to the Bovine:


Behind the Push for Pasteurization

If you love your milk so fresh you can still hear the moo, watch out: Big Dairy is coming after you ? again.

Two lobbying groups backed by untold piles of dirty dairy dollars are urging lawmakers to put raw milk out to pasture, calling it a “significant food safety hazard.”

But as long as we’re talking farm, let’s call that what it really is: hogwash (yeah, another farm word came to mind first… but I try to keep this family-friendly).

The International Dairy Foods Association and the National Milk Producers Federation want all unpasteurized products to follow the same standards as other milk products ? in other words, they want everything pasteurized.

But the problem with raw milk isn’t that it’s dangerous ? because it isn’t. I’ve been drinking this stuff for years, and I’m just one member of a small-but-devoted army of raw-milk lovers. And believe me, we’re healthier than most people. Continue reading


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Fecal bacteria in soft drink machines?

Here’s an excerpt from a story in the New York daily news. This is relevant to the B.C. milk controversy in which the local health department has made a big fuss over finding small amounts of what they are calling fecal bacteria in raw milk from Home on the Range raw dairy near Chilliwack, B.C.. Lab results, however, show that bacterial levels in the milk samples tested were well below the level acceptable even in pasteurized milk. So here’s that story on soda fountain soft drinks:

Bacteria are found in places other than raw milk -- plastic tubing inside soda machines may provide a breeding ground for fecal bacteria, the author of a new study says. Photo Raedle/Getty

“Is it possible your self-serve soda could be flush with yucky bacteria?

You may want to consider ordering a bottled beverage rather than filling your own glass at a fast food restaurant: A study shows that drinks from soda foundation machines in restaurants and fast food establishments might actually harbor fecal bacteria, according to a study reported by ABCNews.com. Continue reading


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