Raw milk on tap — in Ljubljana

Photos of a raw milk automatic dispenser in Ljubljana Slovenia (below) are from the Life in Luxembourg blog:

Yup, that's right. In other countries, you can get raw milk without surreptitious meetings with milk maids in urban parking lots. See more photos "below the fold".

This is what the “Life in Luxembourg” blogger has to say about this discovery:

“While visiting Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, we’ve seen for the first time automatic raw milk vending machines. We’ve read the instructions and observed one lady using the machines: it all seems very easy and practical.

Take a look for yourself:”

Quite a large scale installation -- must be a lot of Slovenians buying raw milk!

Now zoooming all the way out we see the full extent of this installation. Nice graphics too!


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9 responses to “Raw milk on tap — in Ljubljana

  1. thebovine

    From what I understand, automats like the one pictured here are not just in Slovenia. They’re all around Europe.

    And yet, there’s no raw milk controversy over there. The big commercial dairies aren’t trying to shut raw milk in Europe down, the way that regulators seem to be doing in North America.

    But the irony is that all this high-profile repression of raw milk in North America only draws public attention to the fact that many people are finding raw milk to be a health benefit, thus strengthening the movement.

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  3. thebovine

    Here’s what they say in the link above:

    “We love Ljubljana. Both the Croatia Tour and the Slovenia tour start and end there. It’s laid back and is chock full of enchanting street cafes. It’s also full of history. There are roman ruins that you can go see in the basement of the museum. It was a cultural cross roads and, in some ways, still is. I’ve wandered around town photographing nothing more than front doors. They are massive and spectacular. You can see some here.

    It seems that, in addition to having a coffee in one of the many sidewalk cafes, we can now have a glass of raw, unpasteurized milk dispensed from a street side vending machine. This seems down right un-American. However, it does seem completely appropriate for Slovenia which is dotted with beautiful dairy farms and picturesque haystacks.

    I don’t profess to know the pro’s and con’s of raw milk for general consumption. I do know that I would be more likely to drink some in Slovenia than in the US. Most people actually do a lot of thing overseas that they would not do at home….swinging above and plunging 30 feet into the Nam Song river outside Vangvieng and eating cicadas and a lot of other things come to mind.

    We’ll have to check it out next time we are off to Ljubljana….”

  4. The Milkmen want to buy these machines and will buy these machines. Some proceeds can go to the farm. Where can we buy these machines?

    Thank you.

    • Freddy


      there are few producers of those machines.
      Main difference – some return change and some not.
      Additionally they are all 220V/50Hz (maybe even 380V/50Hz) machines.
      If this does not bother you I can help you find the producers….

      • Milen

        I’m a person which is interested to buy these machines, cause we are sick of buying “UHT milk” or other kind of non-raw milk for our kids. Please inform where can we buy these machines ?

        Thank you

  5. thebovine

    I don’t know, but they seem to have them all over Europe, so I suspect there must be a source over there.

  6. Sylvia

    Hi Michael, Freddy, Milen, and other farmers who are interested in the raw milk machine,

    I saw the milk machine this summer in Slovenia and wrote a blog for Kim Hartke, the Weston Price publicist, http://www.hartkeisonline.com, back in Nov 2009 which was also run on The Bovine. There was so much interest that I was asked to speak at the Raw Milk Conference which took place in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend about the European situation.

    As I understand from the producer, the electricity is a minor change. A demonstration model may be coming to the US soon. I will post more information when it is available.

  7. georgesparling

    This is a Italian company that specialise in milk vending machines ,,www.prometea.it,, also http://www.dfitalia.com.In Ireland and UK milk it is ilegal to sell raw milk it has to be pasteurised by law . These milk vending machines are going to revolutionise dairy farming and make it profitable again without the need of scale .

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