Mark McAfee (of Organic Pastures in California) on the controversy in British Columbia over raw milk test methods

It’s always interesting to see how Canadian raw milk stories come across to our friends in the U.S. of A. The following is from a comment Mark McAfee posted recently on The Complete Patient blog:

California raw milk farmer and"statesman" Mark McAfee with a small sampling of his (surprisingly healthy) raw-milk drinking fans at a California hearing about raw milk. Photo from Cheeseslave blog.

“…I got a call from the Canadian Broadcast [CBC] people in BC last week for a story on raw milk in BC Vancouver. Today I got a call from the cow share owner with 400 members. Wow!! They got a tiger by the tail and they are making serious progress in Canada.

The Canadian Radio investigor sent me the bacteria results and tests from seized embargoed raw milk for my opinion. I was impressed. Not bad stuff. Including no pathogens.

What I found alarming was the fact that they seized “old product” and then violated recognized dairy lab standards by temperature mistreatment and then “reported that the milk had living bacteria in it”. In CA all raw milk samples are taken from the dairy and kept on ice just above freezing as it is immediately delivered to the lab for testing. If the samples are above 40 degrees they are rejected. The samples in Canada were above 40 degrees and they were not fresh…they were very old. Bad samples on two accounts.

The Canadian dairy inspectors must be from outspace…..of course raw milk has living bacteria in it….that is why people buy it!!! The Canadian dairy inspectors are in the political market battle of their lives and have now resorted to telling stories and testing old raw milk samples. This is low ball gutter politics and it is corrupt and improper science.

It is like saying…..did you see that cop….he had a gun……when of course cops have guns.

I have been asked to come present to this group in the next few weeks. The Canadian media has become a friend of raw milk drinkers….. they can see the lack of objectivity…they can smell the agenda and it stinks.

Just thought you all might want to know what is happening North of the Border. With Mike on the east and our friends in BC…..Canada seems to be getting a national raw milk squeeze.”


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