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Amish healthier than normal Americans

This breaking news comes to us via Natural News.com. One factor they don’t mention in the story is raw milk. It would seem that Amish would more likely be drinkers of that rare and oft-prohibited beverage than your normal American. Another statistic that’s not mentioned below but that was raised by Mark McAfee is that autism rates among the Amish are in the order of 1 in 15,000. That’s as compared to 1 in 90 among the general population. Clearly, it would seem we’re doing something wrong while the Amish are doing something right:

“(NaturalNews) They’re known for using horse-drawn buggies, avoiding modern conveniences, and wearing old-fashioned clothing. But do the Amish possess something that the rest of us don’t, primarily a lifestyle that prevents disease and leads to a better quality of life? According to a recent study published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control, that seems to be the case; cancer rates among the Amish are far lower than in the rest of the American population and they are far healthier than most Americans. Continue reading


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DATCP says raw milk working group to form in Wisconsin; Questions on B.C.

David E. Gumpert, who will be in Newmarket next Thursday to hear the verdict in Michael Schmidt’s raw milk trial from a year ago, has just posted an update on exciting developments in Wisconsin. Here’s an excerpt:

DATCP chief Rod Nilsestuen, who yesterday ordered formation of a raw milk working group

“As I read various accounts of the situation regarding the British Columbia raw dairy that’s been targeted by authorities for supposedly tainted milk, I am drawn to Michael Schmidt’s advice (per his comment following my previous post): “We need to continuously reach out, educate and discuss in a respectful manner the issue.” I would go a step further and suggest we need to seek to develop a spirit of cooperation, rather than confrontation.

Of course, the obvious response is: Sometimes you need confrontation in order to arrive at cooperation.

In British Columbia, it seems that the issue is about high coliform counts rather than the discovery of pathogens in the dairy’s milk. The dairy’s owner indicates there was a problem for several weeks with the cows’ bedding material, which may have led to less than optimal sanitation. Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, “Durham’s Dairy Desperado”, will be convicted or exonerated in eight days time, on January 21st in Newmarket

Michael has finally been able to get his hands on a photo from the time when he rode into town for the Olympic flame parade with his son and one of the farm’s helpers.

Durham's Dairy Desperados -- the raw milkers -- ride into town to join the Olympic flame parade.

It was looking to be a slow news day towards the end of December for Globe and Mail reporter Kate Hammer, who was covering the passage of the Olympic torch as it made its way across the hinterland. But when Michael Schmidt and his band of cowboys rode into town to join the parade, she took advantage of the opportunity to write a story on “Durham’s Dairy Desperado” — or at least that’s how Michael tells it. Continue reading

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