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Gordon Watson writes to Burnaby NOW to set the record straight on raw milk

to the Editor, Burnaby NOW newspaper

In the furore around Home on the Range dairy,  statements from govt. officials resulted in headlines such as ‘Raw milk hazardous to health’. They’d have you believe that ‘every glass of raw milk is teeming with bad germs’.  Which is utter nonsense.  In fact, as it comes from a healthy, grass-fed cow, raw milk is one of the purest foods of all.  How milk is handled from then on, is what determines whether a given batch contains bacteria harmful to humans

For the last 60 years – as called-for in the Communist Manifesto – American agriculture was  industrialized.  Marketing boards dictated winners and losers as the system churned out vast quantities of foodstuff.  The perception of abundance was accomplished by reducing quality and diversity.  Customers are deceived with quaint images of cows grazing in sunny fields. But the truth is ; the thin, denatured, devitalized whitish fluid inside cartons of “homo milk” comes from a factory farm.  The dairy cartel is terrified by consumers rejecting its product after finding out how they’ve been cheated out of nutrition, who then seek out fresh, whole unadulterated raw milk. Continue reading

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Countdown — it’s now seven days to the — Michael Schmidt verdict, expected Jan. 21, 2010 — news releases sent out

Pass this on to any news media types who cross your path:

Til the cows come home? Let's hope raw milk is legal before then! Winter at Glencolton Farms.

For Immediate Release

The Verdict Is In…

And it’s finally judgement day for Raw Milk

And The Tireless Efforts of Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt is available for interviews.

And U.S. Author David Gumpert (just released a book titled “The Raw Milk Revolution” will be in attendance to show his support at the proceedings, and at the rally, also available for interviews. Continue reading

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GMO corn linked to organ damage in animals; but at Forbes magazine, Monsanto is “Company of the Year”

We found this in a note by Mark Frauenfelder on BoingBoing:

A surreal monument to agricultural artifice

From a new study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences: “We therefore conclude that our data strongly suggests that these GM maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity. This can be due to the new pesticides (herbicide or insecticide) present specifically in each type of GM maize, although unintended metabolic effects due to the mutagenic properties of the GM transformation process cannot be excluded.” (Via Naked Capitalism)

Now here’s an excerpt from a recent story by Robert Langreth and Matthew Herper in Forbes magazine, lauding Monsanto as Company of the Year, titled “The Planet versus Monsanto“. It’s interesting to see here how supporters of genetic modification argue their case: Continue reading

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