Countdown — six days to a verdict in the Michael Schmidt raw milk case

York Regional Police have written to Michael Schmidt to ask him to pass on the following directives to his friends and supporters who are planning to come out for the January 21st court date — that’s when a verdict will be announced in Michael Schmidt’s raw milk case that was heard in January of 2009:

Michael Schmidt serves himself a tall bottle of fresh raw milk from an automat raw milk dispenser at the Slow Foods festival in Italy in 2008. Raw milk is legal throughtout most, if not all, of Europe.

From York Regional Police:

“To all supporters of Mr Schmidt and the RAW Milk movement,

If you are going to be attending the Tannery Court in Newmarket on Jan 21, 2010 to show your support for this movement and Mr Schmidt, we ask for your co-operation in a few matters.

1)      The court room assigned for the appearance only holds 66 people.  It is a provincial court room, and at this time, there is no other courtroom availible with more seating.  Once the courtroom is full, please do not fill the hallways in the court waiting area.  There is a limited capacity of seating there also.  Please remember that there are other courtrooms which are working that people have to attend.
2)      As there are other courtrooms in session at the time of Mr Schmidts appearance, please keep conversations low and do not create excessive noise in the court waiting areas.
3)      Once within the courtroom, please respect the proceedings and do not interupt.  Also please remove all headwear.
4)      Please do not bring banners, placards or signage into the Tannery Mall or Provincial Courts.  The management of Tannery Mall has requested that no signage be put up on any Tannery property, inside or outside the mall or parking area.
5)      Please be advised that parking is VERY limited in the Tannery Mall.  If possible use secondary parking areas.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact PC Mike Quirk #1342 of York Regional Police, Operational Support.”

See events page for details of what’s planned for January 21st.


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2 responses to “Countdown — six days to a verdict in the Michael Schmidt raw milk case

  1. Ben Nyssen

    Congradulations on your efforts,each province should pursue the same.

  2. Donna Turcotte

    Congratulations on this hard-won victory. Now I hope the rest of Canada will follow as we need access, in every province, to the health benefits of raw milk .

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