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Five days to a verdict — is the Ontario govt. ready to embrace legal raw milk?

Farmer Michael Schmidt was on Toronto’s CFRB 1010 talk radio yesterday at 2:30 pm. He also recently received the following letter from a friend who was sharing the results of his own research:

They're not ready for raw milk? So what about soft raw milk cheeses? That's Michael on the right.

Subject: Liberal readiness

Hi Michael, Continue reading


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Milk drinkers deserve to have choices

The following is from a letter to the editor of the Chilliwack Times. It’s in response to recent regulatory actions taken against Home on the Range cowshare in Chilliwack B.C.:

“The Times, (Published: Friday, January 15, 2010)


With regard to the distribution of raw milk from Home on the Range Farm, so many people have missed the issue entirely. It is not about whether pasteurization makes the milk safer, or whether leaving it raw makes it more nutritious. These are issues which should be left for me as a consumer to decide.

My own personal choice would be to avoid raw milk from the grocery store shelf, since I don’t know where it came from. But I may be excited to get it from Alice, if I watched the process and was satisfied that her methods are safe. Continue reading

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