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Update on raw milk alliances now being formed in both Canada and the U.S.

This latest release from the desk of Kimberly Hartke should clear up any misunderstandings about the newly forming raw milk alliances:

Do you ever feel you're being led down the garden path to future prospects that are less cheery than they're made out to be? Maybe it's time to take action on your concerns over food rights issues!

Alliance for Raw Milk Launched in U.S. and Canada
Rally Scheduled for Date of Schmidt Verdict Announcement

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA (January 18, 2010)–  In response to the increasing government offensive against raw dairy farms, U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) were launched this month. Continue reading


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Raw milk seminar series at Rutgers University in N.J. to feature author David E. Gumpert, January 29, 2010

This is the same David E. Gumpert who will be at Michael Schmidt’s raw milk rally two days from now, on January 21, in Newmarket. The following is from a recent post by Kimberly Hartke:

Raw milk author David E. Gumpert

“Rutgers University is leading the way to helping our nation resolve our raw milk controversy. A series of lectures is being sponsored by the New Jersey University’s Agricultural Experiment Station to help people understand the issues and provide science-based information about raw milk. Here is your invitation to the next seminar, and links to all the past lectures!

Past speakers in the Rutgers series have included Gary Cox of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and Mark McAfee of California’s Organic Pastures Dairy.

The next lecture in the series is, The Raw Revolution, by David Gumpert. David E. Gumpert specializes in reporting and writing about health and food issues. He is the author of a new book, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Struggle Over Food Right Continue reading

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Raw milk supporters form action groups

The following news story is from the Canada Free Press:

This picture, in which farmer Michael Schmidt looks like the Che Guevara of raw milk, has been used to promote the CA-ARM raw milk action group.

“TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA –  In response to the increasing government offensive against raw dairy farms, U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) were launched this month. These Alliances for Raw Milk (US ARM and Canadian ARM) and Family Farm and Food Freedom plan to promote connections between natural farmers and dairies and families who want fresh, wholesome and healthy natural food choices, based on their nutritional education and food traditions.

The ARMs and their members have declared they have the right and freedom to choose the foods they deem to maintain and restore their health and the right to farm their own land and trade/share the produce with others. The Alliances also come at a time of unwarranted and rapidly increasing legal, regulatory and enforcement actions by state, provincial and federal agencies against small natural, sustainable and organic farms and food operations, especially in the dairy arena. Continue reading

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Two days to a verdict (Jan. 21, 2010) in Michael Schmidt raw milk court case — one cowshare member speaks out

The following is a letter from one Glencolton Farms cowshare member, that was sent out yesterday to cowshare friends:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt and his wife Elisa, in the garden, eating of the fruit. Photo by cowshare member Andrea Lemieux, from an open house at Glencolton Farms in October 2009.

Dear fellow cowshare members,

I have watched Michael and Elisa, their family and farm workers live through gut-wrenching anxiety and uncertainty as they move toward this court date.  I have seen them deal with their baby sons and the other young people on the farm with grace, humour and patience, even though their lives are held hostage to the cause of ensuring we are not all forced to feed our families on industrially produced food, raised in hellish conditions to meet standards of production convenience.  Continue reading


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The black-market pickles of Vermont

Here’s an excerpt from a story on the subject from the Daily Progress, from Charlotteville, Vermont:

Homemade pickles -- a clear and present danger to public health? As bad as raw milk? Photo from pinecone.on.ca

“….Under current law, anyone who produces pickles, relish or salsa for sale at farmers markets or out of their home must open their kitchen to state inspectors who check for compliance with food safety laws.

Toscano’s bill would allow the sale of pickles, relish and salsa from uninspected kitchens, so long as the food is labeled with a sticker proclaiming: “NOT FOR RESALE — PROCESSED AND PREPARED WITHOUT STATE INSPECTION.”

“This bill would help encourage the production and sale of local food,” Toscano said.

Charlottesville City Market regulars John Coles and Christine Solem, co-owners of Satyrfield Farm in Albemarle County, have evaded state regulations for nearly five years by giving away their farm’s raw-milk goat cheese, the sale of which is prohibited in Virginia….” Continue reading

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“Food Control is People Control”

When I was back there in agriculture school, writing for Farm and Country, I wrote an article with the headline “Grower charges Turkey Board policy is Communism”. These days it’s beginning to look as if that grower might have been right about where agriculture was going — i.e. towards more Soviet-style centralized control. The following story is by Grant Hagen, reprinted from rural heritage.com:

Does the long dead ghost of Josuf Stalin haunt American food policies like N.A.I.S.?

“When the Communists took over the Ukraine, the bread basket of Europe, about 70 years ago, they destroyed or stole all food and animals, starving to death 7 million people. Today Zimbabwe, the bread basket of Africa, has had its farms destroyed and is on the verge of starvation. Is our country next?

Today Communism has become less visible. However, groups with the same globalist views are nearing completion of their goals.

Groups like the socialist Council on Foreign Relations [founded in New York in 1921 with the goal of ending American sovereignty the membership of which has included several past presidents including Bill Clinton], the Trilateralists [a related group founded in 1973 for the purpose of seizing control of the United States government and consolidating its political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical powers], Skull and Bones [a highly secret Yale University society whose select members have included some of the most powerful men of the 20th century, including President George Bush] are having great success creating a world dictatorship. Continue reading

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