Update on raw milk alliances now being formed in both Canada and the U.S.

This latest release from the desk of Kimberly Hartke should clear up any misunderstandings about the newly forming raw milk alliances:

Do you ever feel you're being led down the garden path to future prospects that are less cheery than they're made out to be? Maybe it's time to take action on your concerns over food rights issues!

Alliance for Raw Milk Launched in U.S. and Canada
Rally Scheduled for Date of Schmidt Verdict Announcement

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA (January 18, 2010)–  In response to the increasing government offensive against raw dairy farms, U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) were launched this month.

These Alliances for Raw Milk (US ARM and Canadian ARM) and Family Farm and Food Freedom plan to promote connections between natural farmers and dairies and families who want fresh, wholesome and healthy natural food choices, based on their nutritional education and food traditions.

The ARMs and their members have declared they have the right and freedom to choose the foods they deem to maintain and restore their health and the right to farm their own land and trade/share the produce with others. The Alliances also come at a time of unwarranted and rapidly increasing legal, regulatory and enforcement actions by state, provincial and federal agencies against small natural, sustainable and organic farms and food operations, especially in the dairy arena.

The Canadian ARM is already organized in Ontario and British Columbia. In these two provinces raw dairy cow boarding programs are beset with regulatory harassment. These private agistment or cow boarding arrangements by their very nature are outside of the retail marketing system. The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, works to defend the rights of these private contracts, with their built in transparency and accountability to unregulated free trade.

Ontario farmer, Michael Schmidt, of Glencolton Farms, will face sentencing for criminal charges of selling raw milk, on January 21.  Last year, Schmidt went before the judge and served a notice of Constitutional question. The judge is also expected to rule on the constitutionality of the raw milk prohibition this week. British Columbia farmer Alice Jongerden of Home on the Range Farm, has recently had her milk accused of high bacteria counts in the press by health officials. A California dairyman, Mark McAfee, who himself has suffered losses due to regulatory abuse, claims that Health Canada’s findings show disregard for established  lab standards, old fermented milk, and show the presence of good bacteria and not bad bacteria.
In the U.S. the states of Wisconsin, California and Ohio ARM’s are well underway with thousands of members and more states are pending. Sources in major U.S. raw milk groups say that a UK group is forming and there is strong interest for the EU and Australia and India to join forces in the Alliance.

Michael Schmidt, internationally known farmer and co-director of Canadian ARM, said:

“Forming local state, federal and international alliances of concerned individuals is of utmost importance. What has to be burning in our soul, is the urge to be free and the determination not to be returned to a modern form of slavery. Blinded by wealth, comfort and convenience we are in grave danger of unconsciously consenting to the takeover of our well being by Government. This battle about raw milk is a battle about food freedom and our individual rights. This is not an isolated battle, this is a global issue beyond our imagination.”

The whole picture. From Suicide Foods

Michael Schmidt, a degreed Canadian biodynamic dairy farmer and teacher has become a well-known North American icon in the food freedom battle. The first joint event of the ARMs will be held the day of the verdict in his case is handed down.

Alliance for Raw Milk Rally
Thursday, January 21, 2010
Time: 12:00 noon – 3:30pm
Location: 465 Davis Drive Old Tannery, Newmarket Ontario
For more details see event posting.

Alternately, if you don’t have a Facebook account, the info on the court date and rally are on the Bovine’s Events page.

Suicide Foods blog — source for the picture



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4 responses to “Update on raw milk alliances now being formed in both Canada and the U.S.

  1. thebovine

    Actually Michael “could face sentencing”. That will only be if the judge finds him guilty.

  2. My name is Caroline Cooper. I am the Weston A Price Foundation chapter leader in Kamloops, BC. I have been following the situation at Home on the Range in Chilliwick, BC.

    I have learned that another herd share program, Hunny Do Ranch in Prince George, BC has recently faced enforcement. The enforcers stopped raw butter sales that was being sold to members and non-members. I have been informed that the agency doing enforcement in this case is waiting on the outcome of the Michael Schmidt court case before “dealing” with the herd share program.

    Would someone get back to me about your new raw milk alliance ARMs? Can I be of some assistance here in BC?

    • Marietta Pellicano

      Hello Caroline; from Northern CA, USA. Today is a great victory, indeed! See my post on The Complete Patient (second post under the M. Schmidt announcement.) I only want to point out how right you are with regard to how the regulators are now going to ” deal” with the cowshare arrangements. This is only the beginning and I fear it is going to get ugly at times. Here in CA, USA our only two raw milk dairy farmers work under the onerous law that limits the coliform count to 10/ml fluid milk. The regulators instituted this “law”w/o consent or even knowledge of the people. It was not democratic to say the least, and protesting after the fact was useless. Consequently, many have gone to herdshare- agister arrangements, or are just black-marketing. It is a shame and a mess how “the people” are being regulated out of “house and home and farm.” These artisan foods are so necessary for everyone’s health, but tptb see only sterility as the ultimate goal. So, my caveat to you, my northern neighbors in Canada, is to now stay alert, aware, and pro-active politically, because true liberty is not free! It is still to be determined how much we citizens are willing “to pay” to win back food independence. Humbly, Marietta Pellicano

  3. Here is the latest everyone, we all have an enormous debt of gratitude to the Bovine blog for carrying the torch for all of us in North America.

    We love you Bovine!


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