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With the verdict from his raw milk trial to be announced tomorrow, Michael Schmidt revisits the core issues in the raw milk/food rights moooooovement

In the tradition of Tom Waits, Michael Schmidt takes time for a chat with “the man in the mirror” on the eve of judgement day. Because, after all, who else has given so much thought as to what the core issues really are?

Michael Schmidt outside the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket, in the fall of 2008. That's not the courthouse we'll be at tomorrow, by the way. Tomorrow's verdict will be at the Tannery.

Interview of Michael with Michael:


After three years of uncertainty, tomorrow is decision day for you. Looking back, what are the most significant memories of the last three years?


The awakening of people to the danger of loosing our food freedom. I have watched with amazement how people have taken on this issue passionately and whole heartedly. Continue reading


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