“Court approves raw milk co-op” says Toronto Star story today on verdict

Today’s news of Michael Schmidt’s acquittal was reported five hours ago on The Star.com website. Here’s an excerpt from the story, by Megan Ogilvie:

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt walks out of a Newmarket courthouse and toasts with his own milk the fact that he is allowed to continue his raw milk co-operative, after court ruled it does not break laws against selling unpasteurized milk. Photo David Cooper/Toronto Star

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt will be allowed to continue his raw milk co-operative after a Newmarket court ruled Thursday that it does not break laws against selling unpasteurized milk.

Schmidt was found not guilty on the 19 charges after Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky ruled that the cow-share program is exempt from legislation set out in Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act and the Milk Act.

The courthouse was packed with Schmidt’s supporters and the ruling was met with claps, cheers and some tears of happiness.

After leaving court, Schmidt smiled, accepted a glass of raw milk from one of his supporters and took a big gulp of his farm-fresh product. The dozens of supporters who crowded outside the courthouse cheered when they heard the verdict and also passed around glasses of raw milk.

Schmidt thanked his supporters and said he was glad to help in their fight for food rights.

“We want to be responsible for our food,” he said. “Standing up for basic rights is a moral obligation and that’s what we did. I could not have done this alone.”

The verdict came one year after Schmidt’s trial began in January 2009.


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5 responses to ““Court approves raw milk co-op” says Toronto Star story today on verdict

  1. farmlady

    Wonderful news.

  2. Congratulations. You and so many others deserve this freedom of choice. Soon, the Milkmen of America, the Milkmen of Nations around the world will be helping to promote and sustainable agricultural products. All the while to be careful that they do not be sabotaged.

    we are happy for you. This is a meaningful step in the right direction with many more to come. The truth shall overcome.

    Thank you.

    From the Milkmen USA

  3. Ron

    If CDC was really concerned about our health, they would ban immediately food additives, such as Carrageenan, and wax used to coat apples. Carrageenan suppresses the immune system (source: http://raypeat.com/articles/nutrition/carrageenan.shtml) and fruit wax is carcinogenic (source: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/securit/facts-faits/exec_summary-resume_exec-eng.php). Yet, I cannot find in stores: ice cream, cream, prepared sauces and jellies without Carrageenan, nor can I find any apples without the harmful wax.

    It is these and other additives that we should be concerned about, not natural foods that humanity consumed for thousands of years – without today’s epidemic proportions cancer rates.

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