National Post reports raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s acquittal today

Here’s an excerpt from Adam McDowell’s story today in the National Post’s “Posted Toronto” blog.

National Post photo from Oct 2008 -- in which Michael Schmidt and supporters toast to the ultimate success of their campaign for legal recognition of their right to access raw milk through cowshares, a right that has now been finally recognized. National Post photo.

Michael Schmidt was acquitted in a Newmarket court this morning of 19 charges of distributing raw milk and raw milk products.

Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky upheld the legislation, but said in this case Mr. Schmidt did not break the law because he was distributing to joint owners of cows and not the public at large.

Mr. Schmidt, a 54-year-old Durham region dairy farmer, and his supporters (seen above after an earlier court appearance) say milk is healthier before it is pasteurized, Canadian health officials deem it unsafe for public consumption.

Read the whole report complete with all the comments on the National Post’s Posted Toronto blog

Here are some excerpts from the comments:

Neilio74: “When I lived in England I always tried to drink unpasteurized milk.Just some senseless bureaucrats and snivel servants making life difficult for folks because they aren’t accountable and they can.”

Anonymous66: “Any anti-pasteurization folks who want to take their chances are welcome to do so, as far as I’m concerned.  It’s pretty much a win-win either way.  If nothing bad happens, tax money hasn’t been wasted on useless enforcement.  If a few of them do get sick, they’ll probably still live through it … and if not, well, it’s not like they weren’t warned.

Making a martyr out of this guy was foolish.”

ILOVETORONTO: “60 million French people have been consuming raw milk for centuries without any trouble!

Canadian Health Officials are acting silly in deeming raw milk unsafe.

What a bunch of hooey over nothing! Raw milk is absolutely no big deal at all….I have lived in France and products made with raw milk are a part of daily life. Do you hear of the French dying off in the thousands from raw milk every year?????… and let’s face it…as a society…the average French person is in better health overall than the average Canadian…and raw milk is a part of their diet. Furthermore….products made with raw milk (like cheese) are delicious!!”

KML: “Several States in the United States allow for the sale and consumption of Raw Milk (as well as cow-share programs)

How is it that as a Canadian citizen from British Columbia I can purchase Raw Milk from Washington State, TELL the border official and have no problems, no government officials swooping in and demanding I turn it over. Its about safety, its about control.

Raw Milk is a wonderful product – its milk the way it was intended. Pasteurized Milk doesn’t have the cream, the enzymes and other nutrients and vitamins destroyed by the heating process. That Franken-milk is processed to the point where it is fortified and made to appeal to the consumer – you really think the cows grazing peacefully on grass on the labels is where your milk comes from? Wrong. You think you still get that wonderful cream that you have in Raw Milk in the pasteurized junk? No. It goes into ice cream. They skim it off and put it into a product which gives milk companies a bigger profit.

The government is not doing this for ‘our’ safety – they are doing it because they stand to make a lot more money the other way – just like food companies get millions of dollars of tax rebates whereas independent family farms get nothing.

Raw Milk is an amazing product and we the people deserve to make our own choices. Isn’t that what living in a free democratic country is all about?”


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  1. thebovine

    A more recent National Post story with more on Michael Schmidt’s acquittal:

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