Health officials more concerned about raw milk than heroin in Beautiful British Columbia?

Here’s the latest missive from Gordon Watson on the contentious situation on the lower mainland over Home on the Range and it’s raw milk. Gordon wrote this before learning of the recent Ontario verdict in the Michael Schmidt case which recognizes the right of cowhare members to, as it were, opt out of the government’s “protections”:

“We’ve been feeling a bit beleagured around here, so it was uplifting to be at the drop-off this afternoon and see moms and dads arriving with beautiful healthy children,  eager to get their REAL MILK

Tomorrow, Thursday January 21, Michael Schmidt gets the verdict from his trial.  By 10:30 am, or so Ontario time –  which means by about 7:30  am our time – we’ll know something definite. If he wins, we win.

If he loses, that still does not mean all is lost here. The law here is significantly different. As well ; Michael Schmidt was charged with “selling raw milk”.  It may be that the Justice of the Peace finds that he did contravene the Milk Act of Ontario, but that  does NOT necessarily apply to what we’re doing in BC. Ours is a pure cowshare, whereas Michael’s circumstance could be seen to be a “buying club”.

He has a good interview posted on < >  in which  he concludes that the REAL MILK is not going to stop flowing, no matter which way the verdict goes.

Same here : in the worst case scenario,  if the Supreme Court grants the injunction Fraser Health seeks,  that does NOT mean that Alice Jongerden has to stop looking after our herd.  She can do everything up to,  but not “packaging”. At that point, I will take over the packaging = filling the jars = and making home deliveries, as I did when we started.

Which will set me up for  prosecution for contempt of Court.   I’ve been through 7 of them, 3 of which I won.  Believe it or not, I’ve prosecuted two myself, having been acknowledged by Her Majesty’s Courts as a private prosecutor, even though I am not a member of the Law society.  Point being, as trivial and ridiculous as that ‘track record is’, I do know more about this topic than most people.  So I am ready to get at it.

The raw milk issue has attracted much more attention than I’d have guessed at the outset back in 2001. I think the Public understands that what this is about is,  where the line ought to be drawn as to private property rights versus the Public Interest.

For comic relief,  consider the statements of the Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr Perry Kendall about raw milk, versus heroin.   His professional opinion is that raw milk is very dangerous, but heroin is OK.

A couple of days ago,  the Court of Appeal ruled that, despite heroin being a controlled substance under federal law, the “Insite” can stay open so addicts get their drugs. That’s the second round of Court proceedings, after the federal government refused to extend special permission for the place to continue as a sociological experiment.

Dr Kendall is quoted in the media saying that the place ought to stay open, and the federal govt. ought not to appeal the decision to the Supreme court of Canada. Echoed  in today’s editorial in the Vancouver Sun.

So free heroin addicts shooting up while the taxpayers foot the bill, is OK with the Powers-that-Be,  but those of us who underwrite our own private dairy in order to provide food for ourselves  – without a dime of subsidy from the public purse – are criminals!

My thrust right now is on derailing the hearing of the Fraser Health Petition, set for February 1st.  At the same time, I’m getting ready to go ahead if we are forced to, that day.

Fortunately, I did most of the spadework when preparing my appeal of the first Order slapped on us, back in July 2008. I’ll be photocopying my brains out, to get the Response in to the Petitioner’s lawyer.

Ideally, the matter will be adjourned well into the future, so I can line-up Michael Schmidt,  Mark McAffee Sally Fallon and David Gumpert to take the stand as expert witnesses.

Meanwhile,  we will just keep on a’dairying.


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2 responses to “Health officials more concerned about raw milk than heroin in Beautiful British Columbia?

  1. thebovine

    What, they don’t care about heroin users because they’re no threat to the system?

    Raw milk, on the other hand, is a way for people to wake themselves up out of the stupor that’s they’re being programmed into on every front from media to soporific foodstuffs?

    It will be interesting to see what impact yesterday’s decision in the Michael Schmidt case has on the situation in B.C.

  2. Ron

    Last time I had any REAL MILK was in Europe, where I thoroughly enjoyed it daily for the length of my stay. People in that location dring raw milk daily, all of their lifes, and they are HEALTHY, so was I. Here, I stopped drinking the processed white liquid because it DOES NOT TASTE LIKE nor have any benefits of MILK.

    It is time we got our milk back, as our grandparents did!

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