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“From Acquittal to Responsibility”

Farmer Michael Schmidt reflects on the judge’s verdict:

Farmer Michael Schmidt with litigation director Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation

Dear Friends

I have been reflecting on the reality of the judge’s ruling. I like to note, that the importance of his ruling is NOT in the acquittal but in his reasoning for the acquittal. I was glued to his face, not because I was hoping for a positive ruling, but to hear, how he would acknowledge our 16 year long struggle for justice. Continue reading


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Subordination of government to law — the greatest of human achievements

Subordination of government to law is exactly what the verdict in the Michael Schmidt raw milk case was all about. This story, of course, addresses a broader political landscape. The following passages are excerpted from “Security Fools” by Paul Craig Roberts, as found on Counterpunch.org:

The Michael Schmidt case provides a textbook example of the importance of the subordination of government to law, which this author maintains, is humanity's greatest achievement.

“What is the greatest human achievement? Many would answer in terms of some architectural or engineering feat: The Great Pyramids, skyscrapers, a bridge span, or sending men to the moon. Others might say the subduing of some deadly disease or Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The greatest human achievement is the subordination of government to law. This was an English achievement that required eight centuries of struggle, beginning in the ninth century when King Alfred the Great codified the common law, moving forward with the Magna Carta in the thirteenth century and culminating with the Glorious Revolution in the late seventeenth century. Continue reading

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Raw milk cow shares ruled legal

Here’s an excerpt from Better Farming‘s take on the Michael Schmidt verdict:

The whole world is watching, through those cameras, as Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt meets the press following his victory for raw milk cowshares in Newmarket court Thurs. Jan. 21, 2010

“Grey County farmer Michael Schmidt and raw milk advocate wins his day in court and a recent survey indicates more than one third of Canada’s dairy producers think consumers should be able to buy unpasteurized milk.

The provincial government is “disappointed” by a Newmarket Justice of the Peace’s ruling today that raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt’s cow share agreements are legal. Continue reading

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Raw milk, group sex and unlikelihood that the Crown will appeal the Schmidt verdict

America’s foremost raw milk journalist David E. Gumpert reads the entrails of the recent Michael Schmidt verdict and discusses what it all means for the future of food freedom on his The Complete Patient blog. Here’s an excerpt:

On the eve of the verdict, David E. Gumpert shares raw milk and cheese with farmer Michael Schmidt while the two of them were waiting to be interviewed for an upcoming documentary series on milk.

“Americans tend to view Canada as a socialist version of the United States, what with its universal health care system and high taxes. In this view, it’s the U.S. that epitomizes individual rights and capitalist opportunity. Continue reading


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How the recent Michael Schmidt ruling could affect raw milk cases in B.C.

Gordon Watson of Home on the Range cowshare in Chilliwack muses about how the recent not guilty verdict for Michael Schmidt in Ontario will affect legal proceedings against B.C. cowshare operators.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt meets the press after the announcement of his "not guilty" verdict.

On January 21st, 2010 the arrangement known as “cowsharing” was pronounced ‘not unlawful’ by Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarski, in the case of Regina versus Michael Schmidt: files #4960-3084-3089/07 and 3270-3271/07 Ontario Court of Justice at Newmarket Ontario.

That decision says almost all there is to say on the topic, resolving the big problem here in BC – interference with the distribution of our milk by the Health Inspectors – in our favour. As of this writing ( Saturday January 23 2010) Fraser Health / Vancouver Coastal Health have yet to admit that much. Here is a link to a website from which the Reasons can be downloaded: http://www. foodrightsalliance.ca Continue reading

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