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Darcy Wintonyk at CTV Vancouver does some serious digging into the real story behind raw milk’s popular appeal

This is one of a series that Darcy is working on for CTV, prompted no doubt by the recent government crackdown on Chilliwack’s “Home on the Range” cowshare. Here’s an excerpt from her story, titled “Raw milk, magic elixir or health hazard“:

Serious mainstream media attention to the real raw milk news. Go to CTV site to watch video.

“Diagnosed with tuberculosis of the bowel in 1920, Winifred Dye Britton was prescribed a strict diet of raw milk and eggs and plenty of fresh air by her Oregon doctor. It worked.

Kimberly Hartke said her great grandmother would have died without the health benefits of the Milk Diet, a popular treatment reputed to cure everything from arthritis, infertility, indigestion to ulcers and congestive heart failure. Continue reading


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CBC news asks: “What do you think of Schmidt’s legal battle?” (for people’s right to access raw milk via cowshares)

On the CBCnews.ca website, Andree Lau writes:

Michael Schmidt toasts victory with a glass of raw milk outside the Newmarket court Thursday.

“I hate the taste of milk. Every time my parents made me drink it as a kid, I got a stomach ache. They didn’t believe me, thinking I was up to childhood hysterics.

I remember my aunt — in trying to coax me to drink my milk — adding Ribena to my glass, turning it pink. It worked for a day. Continue reading


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