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Got Milk Justice? — lawyer Karen Selick shares her views in the National Post

Writing in the National Post, Karen Selick, litigation director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, gives her perspective on the recently handed down verdict in the Michael Schmidt raw milk case.

Media circus outside the courthouse following Michael Schmidt's acquittal last Thursday.

Sitting in a courtroom listening to someone read 40 pages of closely written legal text is not something that I would ordinarily describe as a treat, but it was a genuine privilege to be in court last Thursday with dairy farmer Michael Schmidt to hear his acquittal on 19 charges relating to the distribution of raw milk.

First, there was Mr. Schmidt himself. He conclusively disproved the old saying that a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. At his trial a year earlier, he had acted as his own counsel — cross-examining prosecution witnesses, calling his own experts to give evidence and arguing complicated points of law. Arrayed against him were no fewer than five lawyers from various branches of the Ontario government, yet Mr. Schmidt emerged victorious.

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Health Canada says raw milk more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol

Here’s another in Darcy Wintonyk’s series for CTV B.C. on the politics of raw milk, this time titled “Do Consumers Need Protection from Raw Milk?”:

Those Californians must really be "playing Russian roulette with their health", judging by all these raw milk jugs for sale to just anybody who walks by a supermarket shelf. Photo from CTV.

“What’s more dangerous for your health: smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or drinking unpasteurized milk?

According to Health Canada, it’s drinking milk.

Canada is the only G8 country where the sale of raw milk is illegal. The country outlawed its sale in 1991. However, drinking raw milk is legal. Continue reading


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Raw milk victory toast from Switzerland

That’s Michael’s son, Marcus Schmidt, in the picture below, celebrating the recent raw milk victory in Ontario.

Marcus Schmidt toast the raw milk victory from Switzerland.

Marcus is in Switzerland for the week, attending the annual international biodynamic conference, at the Goetheanum. That’s the building in the background of the picture. Continue reading

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Dairy Farmers Marketing Board (DFO) urges appeal of raw milk verdict to provincial attorney general, health and agriculture ministries, says farm paper

It’s perhaps not surprising that the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, formerly the Ontario Milk Marketing Board, are less than enthusiastic about the recent court decision in favour of the legality of cowshares. Looks like they’re having their people (lobbyists) talk to the government’s people to see what can be done. This is what little we really know about the situation, thanks to the Manitoba Cooperator, of all places:

Breaking raw milk news from a farming newspaper website in another province.

“Citing “increased public health risks,” the Dairy Farmers of Ontario is publicly urging the province to appeal a local justice’s decision allowing distribution of raw, unpastuerized milk through “cow shares.”

“At this point, DFO expects the Ontario government will appeal the decision to a higher court, defend the legislation and take all steps necessary to protect the public by ensuring the safety of the food supply,” the provincial dairy farmers’ group said in a release Friday. Continue reading


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Dairy farmers in U.S. and Britain in despair over economic pressures

First, here’s a story from the UK Telegraph, about a “Dairy Farmer Reduced to Tears“:

Michael Rickatson at his farm his farm in North Yorkshire Photo: KIPPA MATTHEWS

“Like many other milk producers, Michael Rickatson had to do the unthinkable and sell his herd. Olga Craig asks him what the future now holds.

In his mid-forties now, Michael Rickatson is the sturdy, outdoors type. Not one to shy away from hard work, he is what’s known in his native North Yorkshire as a grafter. In fact, since he left school at 16, he has worked a seven-day week. He’s never taken a day off.

But he doesn’t mind admitting that two months ago, on November 6, he stood by the empty byre on the farm near Sheriff Hutton that his family has farmed for 51 years and wept like a baby. Continue reading

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Eating the way our ancestors did — health researcher Pam Killeen speaks

This interview by Jessica Ireland, is from Fanshawe College’s Interrobang website:

Author Pam Killeen talks about the history of raw milk at a Nov. 2008 news conference at Queen's Park

After years and years of processed foods and fad diets, it’s time to get back to the basics with what we eat, says educator and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Great Bird Flu Hoax, Pam Killeen. Continue reading

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