Raw milk victory toast from Switzerland

That’s Michael’s son, Marcus Schmidt, in the picture below, celebrating the recent raw milk victory in Ontario.

Marcus Schmidt toast the raw milk victory from Switzerland.

Marcus is in Switzerland for the week, attending the annual international biodynamic conference, at the Goetheanum. That’s the building in the background of the picture.

Marcus is really the main farmer at Glencolton Farms these days, while his father Michael is the one who talks to reporters, goes around giving speeches and appears in court.

No doubt the news that Ontario residents will now be legally able to drink raw milk from their own cows will be pretty unsurprising for most of the farmers at the conference. In Europe, public availability of raw milk has been a non-issue for as long as anyone can remember.

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  1. Yes, this is a good thing. Like father, like son. The youth of today is the future. The youth better get off their “you know whats” and make things happen soon before the Czars move right on in and tell us more about what to eat so they can make more money from control. You know how it goes. Too many people are spooked or afraid of the government. It is they who are afraid of you. The working people. The good people, their citizens. Check out David Gumpert, author of “The Raw Milk Revolution.” He will be at the Raw Milk seminar at Rutgers University i n New Jersey – USA on January 29, 2010.

    The Milkman is Back. I mean the real deal, raw milkman. He is back.

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