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Raw milk goes to court Monday in B.C.

Here’s the latest from Gordon Watson and Home on the Range cowshare:

"Go ask Alice..." That's Alice Jongerden, the woman at the eye of the hurricane around raw milk in B.C. CTV B.C. photo and caption.

Two weeks ago Fraser Health Authority served Notice on our Agister that it will apply for an injunction to stop her from “packaging and/or distributing” raw milk produced by our herd of cows.

For a few moments last week, after the decision came down in Michael Schmidt’s case in Ontario, we were hopeful that the Petitioner, Fraser Health,  would be reasonable and back off. But no: today, legal counsel Guy McDannold made it clear he’s headed to Court this coming Monday, February 1st, at 9:45 am in Chambers, in the Supreme Court in New Westminster. I and Alice Jongerden, and not a few others, will show up to oppose him. Continue reading


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Covert action against citizens groups?

Recent talk about state action against organized citizens groups reminds one of Cointelpro infiltration of radical groups in the 60s by the FBI. What’s more, open talk advocating such covert action smacks of “Revelation of the Method” [1] (in Masonic tradition), in which not only do you control the masses, but you publicly state how you’re going to go about doing it, thereby making the people all the more complicit in their own subjugation. Here are some interesting excerpts from recent exploration of the topic by Peter Ewart, on Opinion250.com

A game of "chicken"? Steps Towards Self Sufficiency blog photo.

“An increasingly common tactic of governments and establishment pundits in the U.S., Canada, and other countries these days is to refer to the opposition to their policies as being motivated by “conspiracy theories” of one kind or another.

By so doing, these governments and pundits are attempting to lump together legitimate opposition and sound theories with that of “kooks” and “cranks,” and thus diminish the credibility of the opposition in the eyes of the public. Continue reading

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A naysayer writes to the Toronto Star

Here’s an excerpt from a recent letter to the editor in the Star, from a doctor, who seems to differ from the views expressed to CTV by Dr. Perry Kendall in B.C.:

Video below — shades of the raw milk battle — is that “Ni” or “Nay”?

Re:Activist foodies hail raw-milk triumph, Jan. 22

Although the court decision is seen by some as a victory for human rights, it is in my view a retrogressive step potentially taking us back to a pre Louis Pasteur era when milk products were responsible for many deaths and illnesses due to contamination by a variety of deadly pathogens: Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Tuberculosis and Brucellosis.

Despite claims that drinking raw milk has well-defined health benefits, this has never been established. But even if true, the risks clearly outweigh any potential benefits…” Continue reading


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Toronto foodie reflects on the recent Michael Schmidt/raw milk verdict

This is an excerpt from Angela Hersey’s latest post on her “Mentionable Edibles” blog:

National Post photo of Michael Schmidt toasting to victory outside the court.

“I admit, the skeptic deep down got the better of me. Luckily, I was proven wrong, and my faith in justice has rung true once again.

Michael Schmidt, the Ontario farmer who got in trouble for distributing raw milk to cow shareholders was acquitted of the charges last Friday. The National Post did a great bit on it: Continue reading

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Canadian lawyer Karen Selick was able to purchase legal raw milk in Arizona

Further to the theme explored in the CTV story below, Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick was able to purchase a jug of raw milk over the counter in Arizona. Thanks to Karen for sending us the photos below:

Going south of the border to escape "prohibition", Karen Selick gets ready to taste the forbidden flavour

Continue reading

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Raw milk in the U.S.A. — CTV B.C.

Megan Stewart continues CTV’s ongoing enquiry into raw milk issues, this time taking a look at practices south of the border. Here’s an excerpt from her story:

The raw milk verdict in Ontario has been big news right across the country. Click on image above to go to CTV B.C. page to watch this video report

“When it comes to unpasteurized milk in Canada, law makers err on the side of safety, prohibiting people from selling raw dairy products and challenging the legality of a dairy co-op as a way for share-holders to get raw milk.

But south of the border in Washington State, regulators found they had to strike a better balance between individual freedom and public safety — otherwise an underground market for raw milk would thrive. Continue reading

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Bruce – Grey – Owen Sound MP Larry Miller correctly predicted Michael Schmidt verdict

Excerpt from a report in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“Miller addressed other subjects at St. Mary’s during his talk to a Grade 10 civics class.

He said he predicted the acquittal last week of Michael Schmidt, the Durham-area dairy farmer and champion of drinking raw milk. Charges related to allegations he illegally sold unpasteurized milk.

“It goes back to my beliefs in smaller government. Where do you draw the line on how much the government gets involved in our (lives)?” Miller said.

“It’s basically, they don’t want us to think for ourselves.”

Miller said his mother fed him unpasteurized milk as a baby. He suffered from colic but after drinking raw milk he slept the night through. His boys were “raised on it”, he added. Continue reading

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