Covert action against citizens groups?

Recent talk about state action against organized citizens groups reminds one of Cointelpro infiltration of radical groups in the 60s by the FBI. What’s more, open talk advocating such covert action smacks of “Revelation of the Method” [1] (in Masonic tradition), in which not only do you control the masses, but you publicly state how you’re going to go about doing it, thereby making the people all the more complicit in their own subjugation. Here are some interesting excerpts from recent exploration of the topic by Peter Ewart, on

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“An increasingly common tactic of governments and establishment pundits in the U.S., Canada, and other countries these days is to refer to the opposition to their policies as being motivated by “conspiracy theories” of one kind or another.

By so doing, these governments and pundits are attempting to lump together legitimate opposition and sound theories with that of “kooks” and “cranks,” and thus diminish the credibility of the opposition in the eyes of the public.

Even more than that, government officials are proposing, and in some cases, taking action against those who put forward what these officials term “conspiracy theories,” especially ones which are being circulated via the internet.

At the very least, such governmental action is anti-democratic, and, some say, fascistic. Yet, the apologists for such repressive and invasive activity cloak themselves as “democrats” and even “civil libertarians.” Indeed, it is one of the great paradoxes of our times, that those who claim to be the biggest advocates of “freedom” and “liberty” are often the ones most eager to crush it.

A disturbing example of this sort of attitude is Cass Sunstein, a close confidant of U.S. President Barack Obama, “leading legal scholar” and current head of the U.S. Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

According to him, “such [conspiracy] theories can…have pernicious effects from the government’s point of view, either by inducing unjustifiably widespread public skepticism about the government’s assertions, or by dampening public mobilization and participation in government-led efforts, or both.”

It is not effective, Sunstein says, for government to simply provide “credible public information” to dispel “false conspiracy theories.” That technique, he says, does not work.

Thus, in an academic paper published in 2009 Sunstein advocates “breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories” by having undercover government agents infiltrate chat rooms, online social networks, and even “real-space groups” “to undermine percolating conspiracy theories” by planting doubts about “their factual premises, causal logic, or implications for action, political or otherwise.” They could also “sow uncertainty and distrust” within these groups.

He also advocates that the government should enlist so-called “independent experts” to challenge “conspiracy theories,” although “the price of credibility is that the government cannot be seen to control these independent experts.” That being said, the government can “supply the independent experts” with information and “prod them into action” from “behind the scenes.”

What is a “conspiracy theory”? According to Sunstein’s definition in his paper, it is “an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who attempt to conceal their role (at least until their aims are accomplished).”

By this definition, of course, any group of citizens who criticize or mount opposition to government policy, or the activities of big business, or any other powerful force in society can be claimed to be following a “conspiracy theory.” It would, of course, be up to high government officials like Sunstein to judge as to which fit the category of being “false” and “harmful”.

Indeed, what are some examples of “false” ones? According to Sunstein, these include the claim that “9/11 was the work of the U.S. or Israeli governments” or that these governments at least knew of the attacks but “consciously failed to act”, that “the Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy”, that “the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud,” that “the Trilateral Commission is responsible for important movements of the international economy,” and so on.

People who believe these and other “conspiracy theories”, Sunstein says, “suffer from a ‘crippled epistemology’, in the sense that they know very few things, and what they know is wrong.” The term “crippled epistemology” is, of course, academic jargon for saying that people are as dumb as posts. Such a situation requires a “benevolent” government, presumably with the help of “brilliant” intellectuals, such as Sunstein, to “persuade” people who follow conspiracy theories as to what is really the “truth”, or, as Sunstein so ominously puts it in his paper, to “silence them” if necessary….”

Read the rest of part 1 of Peter Ewart’s essay.

From Part 2

“In the first article in this series (see Part 1), we noted how various governments are using the blanket term “conspiracy theory” in attempts to denigrate and dismiss opposition.

Indeed, a top government official in the U.S., Cass Sunstein, has gone so far as to write a paper advocating that undercover government agents should “cognitively infiltrate” online chat rooms, social networks and other groups in order to undermine and disrupt what he terms “percolating conspiracy theories” with dirty tricks of various kinds.

He also proposed to enlist so-called “independent experts”, who are supported by the government behind the scenes, to carry out similar activity.

So what does that have to do with Canada or British Columbia or the city of Prince George?

Well, let’s imagine a “hypothetical” conspiracy theory. What if a political party, when in opposition, promised not to sell a publicly-owned provincial railway, but turned right around and did exactly that when it seized the reins of power? What if there was opposition to this sale which was causing political damage to the government? What if police who were on the trail of a drug conspiracy happened to bug the phones of some government aides to the Minister of Transportation and uncovered what they allege to be bribery and breach of trust in regards to the sale of the railway?…”

Read all of Part 2

From Part 3

“Previous installments in this series (see Part 1 and Part 2 ) discussed how Cass Sunstein, the well-known legal scholar and advisor to the U.S. president, has put forward proposals for governments to use undercover agents and “dirty tricks” to combat so-called “conspiracy theories” being generated by those he calls “extremists.”

Also discussed was how there are, in fact, very real conspiracies being carried out against the public interest whether they are hatched in the White House, Parliament buildings or boardrooms of multinational corporations.

Why is this the case? How is it that all these conspiracies are taking place? This is a legitimate question – after all, we are said to be living in a democracy where the people of the country are supposed to be in charge.

The facts are very different. Today, it is well-known that the big banks and big business dominate governments, and monopolize the main sectors of the economy, to the extent that even their most slavish apologists must admit it. Indeed, on the individual level, some of these financial and corporate monopolies have such huge power it now dwarfs that of many nation states.

Even members of the U.S. Congress openly acknowledge this state of affairs. Dick Durbin, a leading U.S. senator, has put it bluntly: the big banks “own the U.S. Congress.”

This situation prevails not just in the U.S., but also in Canada, the province of British Columbia and other parts of the world.

The problem with monopoly is that it goes hand in hand with conspiracy, whether this be price fixing, predatory lending, corruption, or other practices. The Robber Barons were the monopolists of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries who were notorious for their ruthless, unprincipled activity and for their conspiracies against their non-monopoly competitors and the public good. They were so bad that governments back then were forced to take some measures against them, including various pieces of anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation.

Flash forward to 2010. Much of that legislation has been gutted or eliminated, as can be seen in the recent financial crisis on Wall Street. The 21st Century Robber Barons of today dominate government and the economy to an unprecedented degree. And with this domination comes numerous, ongoing, unrelenting conspiracies against the interests of the people, whether it be workers, professionals, small or non-monopoly businesses, or entire communities, regions and even countries.

This domination of government by monopolies has created an extremely dangerous situation whereby giant armament and war production conglomerates have a vested interest in provoking war and conflict throughout the world – these days especially in the Middle East. For example, U.S. armament companies played a big role in the conspiracy to launch wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, and they continue to beat the drum for military action against Iran and other countries.

As recent revelations in Britain are bringing to light for all to see, the launching of the Iraq War was a conspiracy hatched long before 9/11 and involved the highest levels of the American and British governments.

It is, of course, very interesting that a “legal scholar” like Cass Sunstein is proposing action against “conspiracy theorists” who are working to investigate and uncover government and corporate conspiracies, precisely at this time when the most heinous, and even treasonous, conspiracies are being launched at the highest levels.

But the problem is not just that monopolies dominate government. There is also a grave problem with the political process itself, and the two issues are interlinked.

The political parties in Parliament, Congress and the legislatures themselves are like monopolies, working together and conspiring like cartels to keep the citizenry out of the process except as “voting cattle.”

The party-dominated political process is such that we elect party-selected candidates on one day every four years. For the rest of those 1200 or 1400 days, we have an “elected dictatorship.” The people are kept outside the door in the cold. As the Little Richard song goes, “I hear you knockin’ but you can’t come in.”

The political process is such that, during an election campaign, a political party can make practically any sort of promise, yet, once elected, turn around and do the exact opposite, as happened in British Columbia with the sale of BC Rail and the imposition of the HST tax. A government can “prorogue” Parliament in the most anti-democratic way as the federal government in Canada has just done. Or, like the Republicans and Democrats jointly did in the U.S. last year, a government can bailout the billionaire bankers in spite of the fact that the American people were overwhelming against such an action.

Some would argue that this kind of behavior constitutes fraud and breach of trust. But the citizenry have no mechanisms to prohibit it, and it happens time and time again, whether the political party in power presents itself as “left wing” or “right wing”, “Republican” or “Democrat.”…”

Read all of part 3

And now for something of an example relevant to farming. Here’s a story of an independent breeder of rare chickens whose flock was mysteriously killed off by intruders. Here’s the story, from the blog “Steps Towards Self Sufficiency“:

Back in May, we got three 5-week-old Araucana chicks. We were never very imaginative with names, so as we got one each of three varieties, a blue, a black and a lavender, they came to eb known as Blue, Black and Lavender.

They’d all been sexed as female, but as time went on it it became apparent that things hadn’t quite gone to plan and one of them was becoming more and more dominant and aggressive. And was in fact, turning into a boy. We didn’t want a cock, so we began referring to him as “the defective chicken”. He was, however, turning into an absolute beauty. Fortunately the chickens had come with a “promised sex or return” guarantee (an advantage of buying them from a reputable breeder with a passion). I spoke with the breeder and he confirmed my diagnosis of mistaken sex, and offered to exchange him for a pullet. We discussed keeping him and endlessly debated the pros and cons of the decision, but the bottom line was that we didn’t really want a cock as we don’t want fertilised eggs. By the time we got around to returning him last Friday, he had started to turn into a true stunner. His ruff over time will turn the most wonderful tawny golden colour.

Catching him proved challenging. The chickens don’t particularly like being picked up, in fact we use it as a deterrent to keep them out of places we don’t want them. I came home early on Friday, snapped the quick shot above with my phone, gave them a treat and caught the cock bird. But he’s a big bird and he fought back, flew over my shoulder and then the other two got out as well. My mistake: they’re let out when I get home from work if it’s light, and he wanted a run! He got one. I spent the next half-hour tempting him with hand-held treats, and in a flash of being faster than him, grabbed him (cue loud startled squawk) and stuffed him in a cardboard box.

I already knew from talking to the breeder that he was really keen to get his hands on Blue to put him to stud, which had me delighted because obviously we’d become a bit fond of the lad. So I drove out to the breeder’s and deposited Blue. I knew the breeder had lost some birds to illness, but when I got there I discovered then why that had happened. In August thieves broke in to his property and either stole or killed most of his breeding stock, in excess of 220 birds, over a dozen different breeds, some very, very rare. He managed to find some that had been sold on, and was insured, but lost most of his genetic diversity. Then, when he bought in some Araucanas froma reputable breeder to replace his stock, several waves of illness decimated much of what was left. Absolutely heartbreaking. That makes me even happier that he has Blue with which to restore his bloodlines….”

Now check out this comment on the story from Yupfarming:

I suspect that the rare breeds are being killed intentionally by those working for industrial agriculture. They are making efforts around the world to eliminate indigenous animal stocks which they need to do to replace them with genetically engineered animals.

They are already doing this in Asia with poultry where they used the avian flu they caused with the giant multinational poultry factories and where 90% of all poultry illness occurred, to wipe out the stocks of local farmers.

The bird flu was a hoax (it was not something that threatened to kill millions) but they used that fear to create a public health emergency to get rid of local farmers’ poultry and then to substitute genetically engineered chickens. Now the farmers only “rent” the chickens which are patented and so they are owned by multinationals. And only those farmers able to afford to pay to keep them always under a roof (which was a law the multinationals also pushed through) can even own those.

This appears to be a set up on the animal side to do what Monsanto has done on the seed side – put animals out of reach or destroy them and the biodiversity they represent. It’s already happening in Asia.

And they are ready with biotech animals and justifications (or emergencies they manufacture) for them. And it is unclear (they keep it all unclear) whether DNA will be taken from all the animals (with farmers having no say and no means of profiting from any use of that DNA).

Foot and Mouth Disease that wiped out many rare breeds of cattle in the UK has been acknowledged to come from a lab leak. It was not natural. And there were no laws in place to demand that cattle must be PROVEN ill before killing them – they were killed regardless. That is what people in the UK need to be demanding now.

And under the “threat” of swine flu which is another Big Pharm and pharmaceutical industry hoax, pigs (perhaps an unusual breed, too) belonging to the Coptics in Egypt were all slaughtered though there was not a single case of swine flu there.

This is not to frighten anyone but to make people aware so they can write about and report the killing you mentioned and any others. I suspect there are many others going on. People need to expose this and raise the question about what is going on and who is behind it and what laws must be in place to prevent this destruction of animal biodiversity.

And it is so people can work together to protect the animals. And everyone who can should be holding and breeding rare animals but not making that public so the anmals are hidden from those behind this.

Once again, read that whole story here on Steps Towards Self Sufficiency blog

1. See the book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” for more on the Revelation of the Method.

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