Toronto foodie reflects on the recent Michael Schmidt/raw milk verdict

This is an excerpt from Angela Hersey’s latest post on her “Mentionable Edibles” blog:

National Post photo of Michael Schmidt toasting to victory outside the court.

“I admit, the skeptic deep down got the better of me. Luckily, I was proven wrong, and my faith in justice has rung true once again.

Michael Schmidt, the Ontario farmer who got in trouble for distributing raw milk to cow shareholders was acquitted of the charges last Friday. The National Post did a great bit on it:
I’ve waffled a bit on where I stand on this *broad* issue; I mean, Michael Schmidt has my full support, and I wholeheartedly believe that if well-informed individuals want to drink unpasteurized milk from Schmidt’s farm, then they should not be prohibited from doing so. However, Schmidt is raising cows in the right way, not in a large-scale conventional way that makes pasteurization necessary – it does kill disease, after all. And when everyday citizens don’t choose to seek out a safely produced raw milk (and face it, most people won’t), then pasteurization is good.
And for the rest, options are good too. Way to go, Schmidt. This is food sovereignty at its best!

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