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Ontario raw dairyman Michael Schmidt to attend B.C. court Monday in support of Home on the Range cowsharers

Controversial raw milk pioneer Michael Schmidt said yesterday that he would be traveling to Vancouver this weekend in time to be in court Monday morning with Alice Jongerden and Gordon Watson of Home on the Range cowshare dairy in Chilliwack B.C. Below is a link to TV footage that connects the Chilliwack case with Michael Schmidt’s victory last week in Newmarket court. Video is from CTV BC.

Click on image to go to page where video can be viewed.

As background for Monday’s court proceeding’s, here’s are excerpts from an earlier CTV story on the raw milk issue, from January 11th, by Darcy Wintonyk:

“Raw dairy enthusiasts are challenging lab results by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), saying samples of unpasteurized milk deemed dangerous by the agency does not prove the product is unfit for consumption. Continue reading

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Farmer Mark Zinniker to be part of Wisconsin raw milk working group

Mark Zinniker is a well-known raw milk producer whose farm was in the news a few months ago over regulatory issues. Here’s an excerpt from the story in “Agri-View — the number one ag newspaper in Wisconsin“:

Apprenticing at the Zinniker raw milk dairy farm in Wisconsin. Photo from CSALearningCentre.org

“A raw milk working group will consider the legal and regulatory perspectives of the sale of unpasteurized milk directly to consumers. It will also consider what conditions would be required to protect public health. “In recent months, raw milk sales have been an increasingly contentious issue in Wisconsin and other states,” says Wisconsin Agriculture Secretary Rod Nilsestuen. “There is a clear demand among some consumers and a clear desire on the part of some producers to open this market.

But we also have a clear duty in the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection to protect public health, and the reputation of our vital dairy industry. My goal in appointing this group is to recognize the many and varied interests within the milk production, manufacturing, and distribution system.” Continue reading


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