Farmer Mark Zinniker to be part of Wisconsin raw milk working group

Mark Zinniker is a well-known raw milk producer whose farm was in the news a few months ago over regulatory issues. Here’s an excerpt from the story in “Agri-View — the number one ag newspaper in Wisconsin“:

Apprenticing at the Zinniker raw milk dairy farm in Wisconsin. Photo from

“A raw milk working group will consider the legal and regulatory perspectives of the sale of unpasteurized milk directly to consumers. It will also consider what conditions would be required to protect public health. “In recent months, raw milk sales have been an increasingly contentious issue in Wisconsin and other states,” says Wisconsin Agriculture Secretary Rod Nilsestuen. “There is a clear demand among some consumers and a clear desire on the part of some producers to open this market.

But we also have a clear duty in the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection to protect public health, and the reputation of our vital dairy industry. My goal in appointing this group is to recognize the many and varied interests within the milk production, manufacturing, and distribution system.”

Richard Barrows, an agricultural economist and retired associate dean at UW-Madison, will chair the group. The committee also includes: large, mid-sized and small dairy farmers, organic and conventional; large and small cheesemakers and dairy processors; dairy veterinarians; consumers; and food safety and public health professionals.

Nilsestuen charged the group with conducting an open-minded review and discussion to decide whether raw milk sales should be allowed in Wisconsin, and if so, under what conditions. The Legislature will be advised of the committee’s recommendation. The group is expected to meet for the first time in the second half of February.

The group will review the department’s statutory mission; examine laws regulating dairy farms, milk and other dairy products, retail food sales, dairy product labeling, and the prohibition on selling raw milk to consumers; examine the system of enforcing dairy regulations and consider public health needs; evaluate other states’ raw milk regulations, analyze ways Wisconsin might allow sales of raw milk; and offer policy, program and regulatory recommendations.

“We need farms of all sizes and shapes in Wisconsin. I strongly support opportunities for dairy producers to diversify and increase their income, and I strongly support consumer freedom of choice n but they must be informed consumers, and they must be informed producers,” Nilsestuen says….”

Read the rest of the Agri-View article.

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2 responses to “Farmer Mark Zinniker to be part of Wisconsin raw milk working group

  1. This is good news. We all hope that they want to “Level the playing field now” and be fair and honest.
    Just yesterday, David Gumpert, the author of the new book “The Raw Milk Evolution” – was at Rutgers University to give a seminar hosted by the New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station & Dr. Joseph Heckman. This was also very good. The room was filled with professors, business people, psychologists, ecopsychologists, Grammar School Students, entrepreneurs, and others charged with emotional intelligence. It is not enough to be smart or intelligent to make a difference; one must be emotionally intelligent. All the people coming together was great to see. we thank these people for the seminar series. It was great.

    As Carlo Petrini, author of “Slow Food Nation” said: “the Gastronome will find that many others in the world share his principles and are united by the same desire.” Eating is an agricultural act and producing must be a gastronomical act.

    The sooner we all get to being strong and firm about; why our food should be GOOD, CLEAN, and FAIR, the better off we will be as individuals and as a society in wholeness.

  2. Ahh the comment just went to a white page is it your site or my stupid pc being odd?

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