First steps towards Ontario raw milk producers group taken Saturday in Guelph — Michael Schmidt in B.C. now for rally and court this morning, Feb. 1

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with Bert and Alice Jongerden of Home on the Range cowshare, January 31, at their home near Chilliwack, B.C. Thanks to Gordon Watson for the photos.

Word just in from Michael Schmidt that he was out standing in Alice Jongerden’s yard in Chilliwack B.C. last night with Gordon Watson. He says he will be at the rally and court hearing this morning in Vancouver, in support of Home on the Range cowsharers.

Yesterday Michael led a group of farmers in a meeting towards the first beginnings of a raw milk producers organization, at the Guelph Organic Conference. Michael says that from that preliminary meeting, an executive committee was formed to take things further. Plans are underway for a training course in raw milk production to take place over several weekends this coming spring.

Michael Schmidt with cowshareholders from Home on the Range

Tuesday Michael will be back in Toronto as one of four food-tasting judges at a competition at Toronto restaurant CAVA to see which chef can make the most appealing dish based on ground hog meat — that’ll be in honour of groundhog day, no doubt.

Sui and Michael in the milkroom at Home on the Range. Thanks to Gordon Watson for the photos.


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3 responses to “First steps towards Ontario raw milk producers group taken Saturday in Guelph — Michael Schmidt in B.C. now for rally and court this morning, Feb. 1

  1. This is all great progress. But…… while this is happening, the Kings and Queens in the United States, your neighbor, are getting whacked from the Government control Dudes. Now in Massachusetts. There are tea Parties now in the US. It is Tea time for Raw Milk now too. Think about getting more defense against them. They are like a germ. Only this germ is infiltrating you all from the inside now. David Gumpter’s book, “The Raw Milk Revolution” is for real. I urge you all to read it cover to cover, even the notes. And then act, otherwise raw milk can lose. You worked too hard to get this far. Farming does not deserve to be controlled. every minute of the day, the government is reading these Blogs, internet communications. While we pay their taxes, their paychecks; you are milking cows. The only weapons we have against them are the press, we-the people, our pitch forks, and our emotional intelligence. They must lose and we must win.

  2. Correction from prior Blog. Sorry.

    The Kings and Queens are doing the whacking. They are big business and the government.

    If you listen to the Beatles song, “Revolution,” then you will feel what this is all about. It is a Raw Milk Revolution. And now since they sense the end is near for them, they (the government) are coming out in full force, showing their real colors
    once again. Just the other day they are in Massachusetts tearing up some other small raw milk farmer or buying club. Michael Pollan’s books, Carlo Petrini’s books, and books and works from people like David Gumpter of “RAW MILK REVOLUTION” are the proof. They are leaders on the intellectual level. Now we need organizers like Schmidt, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and Patton. Have you ever noticed the physical condition of most government employees? Well, their minds are the same, their souls are the same. Like MUSH, Jello. Time for major civil disobedience.

  3. David Mitchell

    I was wondering if anyone has challenged the raw milk regulations in the province of Nova Scotia, to the best of my knowledge it has not been tested.

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