B.C. judge reserves decision on raw milk case — that means, for now, Home on the Range cowshare is “not unlawful”!

The latest from Gordon Watson (story and photos):

Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt speaks to a rally of raw milk supporters in New Westminster, prior to the hearing of the court case against "Home on the Range" cowshare in Vancouver.

The attempt by Fraser Health to shut down our cowshare fell short: we came out of court this afternoon with no decision.

For three hours, Madame Justice Gropper listened to both sides, then pronounced “judgment is reserved”. That means she’s going away to think about it. I confirmed with the Court clerk that she has not set a date to return to Court.

For now, our cowshare is ‘not unlawful’.

A few of the many raw milk supporters who showed up at 9 am for the rally.

The day started with about a hundred people – especially, lots of beautiful healthy milk-fed children – in the square outside the Law courts listening to Michael Schmidt. After the long day of court, he addressed a meeting of about 50 more. Suffice to say : the man is a genius. Our very good fortune is that a couple of our shareholders captured his presentation on video. It’s one of the highlights of this Campaign for REAL MILK.

More analysis to follow when we all catch up on our sleep. Alice Jongerden’s guess is that this judge will not come back with her decision until after the 30 days expires during which the Crown may appeal the ruling in Michael Schmidt’s case. I sure hope so…. Every single day the Health Authority is aware of our private dairy, but doesn’t send out armed men with loaded guns to physically stop us, is tacit admission that raw milk from our herd is not a threat to the health of the Public. Q. E. D.

Gordon S Watson, Justice Critic, Party of Citizens

Michael Schmidt and the B.C. foodies. Thanks to Gordon Watson for the photos.


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3 responses to “B.C. judge reserves decision on raw milk case — that means, for now, Home on the Range cowshare is “not unlawful”!

  1. Deen

    Thats the way to fight oppression.
    The only thing power respects is people power!!!!
    Real milk is here to stay.

    “World War III will be a global information war with no division between civilian and military participation.” — Marshall McLuhan

  2. Great news in Canada. And now as always, American dairies are also in trouble. They want to bring us to our knees in order to control us and provide a free lunch for themselves. You know who we are talking about. Big Business and the government. We have a choice; stand together or fall, all of us. It is that simple. As we speak or write, the government is monitoring us. Figuring out ways to stop, or shut down the leadership. You can be sure of that. We want them to find US, united. And they will. We are organized and ready.

    Frankly, “we” are sick and tired of their bullshit. That dairy farmer in New York who killed 51 cows and himself is a shame. To us, it is obvious how he came to do this. Instead of killing himself and the beautiful cows, innocent; he could have done something else. Like stand up and fight. But for some reasons he was tired and had enough. This should tell you all, “Stand up and fight the good fight.” This is to be taken very seriously. Please do. Do not let them take an inch, a foot. Push back. Be a Spartan, stand up and fight. This man died for his dairy life. Maybe, instead of killing some of them, he did take his own life and the animals. Think about that.

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