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Farmer’s daughter and Toronto Sun columnist Connie Woodcock still dissing raw milk

It’s always illuminating to read the opinions of those who are virulently opposed to raw milk for one reason or another. This latest rant from Connie appeared just yesterday in the Kingston Whig-Standard where it’s called “Raw Milk Debate in Ontario Goes On“. Here are some excerpts from that column:

Michael Schmidt shows author David Gumpert his milking parlour on the eve of the court verdict.

“The whole acrimonious debate over raw milk and so-called “food freedom” amazes me.

Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt’s not guilty verdict on 19 charges of selling raw milk is also being called a victory for consumer freedom, but really it’s a defeat for public health. Continue reading


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Max Kane’s inside story on the Michael Schmidt courtroom verdict and rally

The following is excerpted from Kimberly Hartke’s blog post titled “Max Kane on Schmidt Verdict, Our Constitutional Rights to Our Own Bodies”:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt shares a moment with fellow raw milk proponent Max Kane shortly after the "not guilty" verdict was announced. Max came to the court date all the way from Wisconsin where he was involved in court action arising from his raw milk buyers group "Belle's Lunchbox".

Inside the Michael Schmidt Courtroom

by Max Kane Continue reading

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Escalating “standards” for butchers and abbatoirs threaten local meat providers

Thanks to author Pam Killeen for drawing this story to our attention. It’s from the Stratford Beacon Herald:

Ken (Butch) Mogk is more than a little worried that the application of stricter food safety regulations at the abattoir he and his father operate in Oxford County will force them to close. Story and picture by DONAL O'CONNOR The Beacon Herald

“The owner-operators of Mogk’s Custom Killing and Butcher Shop south of Tavistock are awaiting a crucial meeting Monday with a food safety inspector they fear could close them down. Continue reading


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