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“….in search of contemporary justice”

Raw milk seems to be a popular topic on many blogs, even those not overtly focused on health and food issues. Here’s an example from a blog about Global Warming. Just out of the blue, it seems, this author was moved to devote a post to speaking up in favour of raw milk as a food choice. Here’s a sampling from that post:

Farmer Michael Schmidt meets the media following a "not guilty" verdict last month in Newmarket.

“The consumer has been brainwashed for fifty years to avoid raw milk or alternately to trust only pasteurized milk.  I grew up with this even though I drank fresh milk my entire childhood.  The truth is that every farmer is fastidious over healthy cows and clean milking equipment.  The consumer would be astonished to see the care maintained as a matter of course.

The problem begins with the need to blend product in tankage and to transport it to a processing facility.  Obviously a blended product hugely increases risk and pasteurization is designed to remove the risk.  One cannot disagree with that protocol.  In fact I personally want nothing to do with milk that must be days old at least by the time it arrives in my home, if it is not pasteurized. Recall that it is stored at the producer at least a couple of days even before shipping. Continue reading


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