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Groundhog Day Ground Hog cooking contest with farmer Michael Schmidt

This groundhog-day event at Cava restaurant in Toronto was held last Tuesday, February 2, 2010, and featured raw dairy AND PIG farmer Michael Schmidt among the panel of four judges. Here’s a report on the proceedings from Malcolm Jolley, of the “Good Food Revolution” blog. Malcolm was also a judge at the event:

PUT PORK ON YOUR FORK 4 groundhog day -- left to right: Judge Michael Schmidt from Glencolton Farms, Chef Chris McDonald of CAVA, Daniel Speck, Sasha Chapman and post author Malcolm Jolley

“On February 2nd North Americans from Pennsylvania to the Bruce Peninsula and beyond learned they could looked forward to six more weeks of winter. Chef Chris MacDonald also remarked, tongue-in-cheek, that evening that his brothers (and sisters) in toques could look forward to 10 more days of Winterlicious. Continue reading


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