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How the battle for India’s food security was won — at least for now

Here’s an excerpt from a firsthand report from the GMO battleground, India:

Brinjal, shown here, is like eggplant. Photo from "The Hindu".

“For over six months now we have been deeply involved, as ordinary citizens of India in waging a war against the attempts of seed companies like Monsanto to control our food. Add Bill Gates to the mix and you have got a powerful mix of people and companies who will stop at nothing. With the kind of money and political power, it’s next to impossible to stop them.

First the facts: Patented gene technologies will not help small farmers survive climate change, but they will concentrate corporate power, drive up costs, inhibit public sector research and further undermine the rights of farmers to save and exchange seeds. Continue reading

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Former Monsanto doctor goes public

From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 07, Dated February 20, 2010: Go Aheads Came On Monsanto’s Data

Concerns India needs independent trials and research on Bt products, says Monsanto’s ex-MD Photo: SB SATISH

Of all the voices that opposed the introduction of Bt brinjal, one was most significant — that of 84-year old TV Jagadisan, the former MD of Monsanto India. Talking to SHOMA CHAUDHURY at his Bengaluru flat, Jagadisan, who was with the company for 18 years and served as managing director for South Asia for eight years, spoke of all the reasons to fear Bt brinjal. He may have retired 20 years ago but here’s an industry insider talking about the disturbing way in which corporates and governments function. Excerpts:

How long were you with Monsanto and what position did you hold there? Continue reading

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