230 comments on CBCnews.ca story about the Province’s decision to appeal the Michael Schmidt raw milk verdict

CBC news is running the same Candian Press wire-service story that has appeared on lots of other news outlets across the nation. But, since that story first appeared on the CBC news site Saturday morning, more than 200 readers have weighed in with their comments.

Raw milk appeal story is still attracting lots of readers, even as the Olympics open in Vancouver!

Clearly this is a news story that’s just not going away. In fact it is attracting a growing level of public interest, even as it runs in the same “time slot” as the Vancouver Olympics. Now that says something! But before we get to some excerpts from the comments gallery, here are the first few paragraphs of that CBC news / Canadian Press story:

“Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt says the Ontario government is wasting its time by appealing last month’s court ruling that found him not guilty of violating the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

The Ministry of the Attorney General has confirmed it is appealing the decision to the Ontario Court of Justice.

Schmidt said the government is “clutching at straws” after a justice of the peace ruled on Jan. 21 that his innovative “cow-share” program for raw milk consumers doesn’t violate the law.

Schmidt’s program allows consumers to become “part-owners” of his dairy cows, which the court said complied with the province’s laws as it dismissed 19 charges against the farmer….”

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2010/02/13/ont-raw-milk-schmidt.html#socialcomments#ixzz0fWYMiRs5

Now from the comments:

thornz: “I can understand why Ontario wouldn’t want a farmer to produce healthy food…. after all, we’ve got big phARMS sitting on our medical research boards…. olympic athletes on TV sayign they indulge in mcdonalds as often as possible…. a PM who continues to give press releases and announcements like he works at tim hortons and has to do it on his break….. GE food trucked in half ripe from across the world… an ever increasing police state, where they’ve even brought in the military to help as security for the corporate olympics, and the last thing they ever want is for people to wake up.”

victorian38: “Mr. Shmidt, whenever you decide to run for the office you can count for my vote. This is the only way to do with the idiots who are running the show.”

Kevin.Montreal: “Vote NDP in the next federal-provincial election wrote:
“To the people who say they want to drink raw milk. Would you eat raw meat as well?”

Yes, I would and have. People all over the world eat raw meat regularly.

Steak Tartare
Kibbeh nayyeh

The state has more than enough power, thanks.”

Eliezer: “Lactose intolerance is caused by lactase enzyme deficiency. Given the opportunity, most people who suffer from lactose intolerance, will notice, whereas pasteurized milk will keep them up all night with stomach cramps, healthy raw milk with enzymes in tact will not. I know this from personal experience. Regrettably, most Canadians are influenced only by selectively edited Government & Commercial Propaganda, & this “informs” their opinion & fears. Simply stated, the blind cannot lead the blind.”

Zemlechthad: “The corporate stangle hold on the dairy industry in Canada would shock most people. This case has no merit.”

Roundeye11: “Michael Schmidt – Keep doing what you’re doing – You’re a brave man and we need more like you”

“to bobinbc – How much of your tax dollars do you think you spend on treating problems associated with raw milk drinking? Quite frankly, I think most of them go to treating people who’ve been poisoned by super bugs picked up in hospitals, genetically modified food and bigpharma drug interactions

If you’re going to drink milk then drink it in the form in which it is supposed to be delivered – raw and natural”

flabdap: “Heres an interesting fact about store milk. If you use store milk to make yogurt you have to heat up the milk to 180F and cool it to 110F before you put in the culture to make yogurt.

If you just put the Yogurt culture in the milk , heated to the proper 110F, You get putrid slop.

I would like to know what the heck is in the store bought milk that wont let you make yogurt until you have pasteurized your store bought milk. The very milk that was supposedly already pasteurized.”

watglen: “its about maintaining the status quo with supply managed dairy products in this province(country) As odd as it may seem, supply management makes a ton of money for a pile of people, farmers included. This guy might start a trend the milk board cant stop.”

unique_username: “”Schmidt said the fight is not about milk, but is about respect for the individual’s right to make choices without government interference.”
Drinking raw milk can kill you and your children. If this tool ever needs surgery, I hope the government doesn’t interfere with the surgeon’s decision not to wash his hands or clean his knife before making the incisions.”

Raymond H.: “Raw milk illegal yet fast food crap is killing us by the day. Glad the government is looking out for us.”

jakeyj: “”It will be a cold day in hell that I will allow the government to tell me what I can and can’t put in to my body when it comes to food products!”

But when those food products cause me to become ill and I require health care, the government had better be there for me!”

insertnamehere99: “The milk quota regime is worth a lot of money and smaller players have been squeezed out by regulations that are supposedly for the public interest. It’s the same with eggs and meat. Smaller producers and processors are left in the dark and mired in the rules and regulations written for the big guys.

The small producer can’t afford to meet the requirements and is therefore priced out of the market. This battle is another facet of the monopoly control. Milk quota won’t be worth much if people can go around trading and selling their own milk, eggs and meat on a smaller scale.”

nicolaas; “Michael Schmidt ,this a hell of fight. Most people have no idea what a fight like this takes. Michael just keep on going, you are a brave men!”

Kikapu: “Without a doubt this has to do with money. Large corporations control government and one of thes is in the milk business and sees this little victory as the tip of the iceburg. They are afraid of being muscled out of business at the source by the farmer who is trying to cut the middle man out, pure and simple. It starts with milk and then beef and then god knows what. The government couldn’t care less about you or I . Its there to protect the rich who own it.”

hockey99: “In Manitoba legally you can’t bring vegetables to a farmer’s market unless you first sell the products first to the Peak Of The Market board. Why can’t you sell potatoes from your own garden?

Its no different then Maple Leaf owning hogs and feedmills to drive farmers into bankruptcy through price manipulation. Corporations are evil.”

krys263: “Charging this man was silly in the first place. And now they want to appeal?

What, prey tell, do the big dairy companies have to do with this?

Stand on guard, Canada. Facism has infiltrated your borders.”

MSmitty: “The reality is, Michael Schmidt has designed a rather brilliant loophole around government policy. They cannot close this loophole without taking on powers that any thinking Canadian would consider draconian.

So, appealing this decision is stupid. He seems to me to be an ethical and intelligent farmer. A lot of people want raw milk, so he designed a way to supply this demand LEGALLY.

The government lost, and they will lose their appeal.

I grew up on raw goat’s milk, I wish is was easier to find the delicious stuff nowadays!!!!”

RawMilkDrinker: “I find it completely underhanded how the Ontario government handled this appeal. They waited until the day of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics as the news would be buried and less attention would be paid on it instead of appealing earlier.

Deacon43; The Judge spent one year researching a wide range of topics regarding Raw Milk as well as current research on the topic and also looked at US cow share programs. I can say a lot more on the way he approached the topic than judges who just throw down a ruling without any background information and ignoring the people who want the product.

Part of the reason people are getting sick is because no one has immunity or resistance to any little disease because everything we eat is more or less sterilized. No wonder there are so many people sick these days.

This fight is about food freedom. The Government has no right in the stomachs of the people – if they really need something to do they should go after deli meat which causes 10x more illnesses then Raw Milk (supposedly) causes. There is no reason for this appeal and it is both a waste of tax payers money and is taking away our basic rights.”

Kenneth Young: “What kind of milk I wish to drink isn’t even the question here. Who controls whom is. I am very quickly getting tired of both Federal and Provincial Governments using the peoples own tax dollars to shove their (corporate) policies down our throats.

I believe that it is time to pass a law that if they loose an appeal that the Political party has to pay the court and legal costs and reimburse the winning party. This would at least make them think twice before wasting our money on what can only be described as BS.”

NTrudeau: “The government does not own us. If I want to research raw milk and decide for MYSELF that it’s safe, so be it. My Naturopath told me that pasteuization inhibits calcium from being absorbed by the body.
Personally, raw milk doesn’t scare me. What does scare me is all the antibiotics being pumped into dairy cows. And don’t get me started on Monsanto and their abhorrent Bovine Growth hormone.


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  1. thebovine

    CBC’s previous story about the Jan 21 raw milk acquittal attracted 486 comments.

    I wonder if CBCnews is just a more heavily traficked site or if CBCnews readers are just more ready to post comments than those of other news sites:


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