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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s Queen’s Park news conference release

The following is a statement which raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt read to reporters and guests in the media room at Queen’s Park this morning beginning at 9:30 am. Michael’s speech was followed by a lengthy statement by lawyer Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

Farmer Michael Schmidt speaks to a National Post reporter while Karen Selick also talks to reporters following today's Toronto news conference on the govenment's appeal of the raw milk verdict.

February 16 Press Statement, Queens Park

This Press conference is directed personally to Premier Dalton McGuinty and those MPP’s who seemed to be under the tight control of the marketing boards in Ontario. Continue reading


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Stay tuned for Queen’s Park raw milk news conference proceedings later today

Michael Schmidt and Karen Selick address the media in last November's news conference in which Karen Selick announced the Canadian Constitution Foundation's support of Michael Schmidt's case.

We will have a report on today’s news conference at Queen’s Park later this afternoon. Stay tuned for full details.

Read the news release announcing today’s news conference here.

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt writes to his cowshare members on the eve of the Queen’s Park news conference

Michael Schmidt talks to the media after a court appearance in Newmarket, July 2007

Dear Cow Share Members and Friends:

It is now almost four weeks since the ruling of Judge Paul Kowarsky, which approved our cow share co-op as a legitimate operation within the confines of the law and current regulations in Ontario. Three days ago, the Attorney General of Ontario and the Grey Bruce Health Unit appealed the decision. This had to be expected. Continue reading

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Why milk matters so much in food retail

Even David E. Gumpert of the Complete Patient blog is writing about Ontario’s decision to appeal the Michael Schmidt acquittal. Here’s an excerpt:

Connecticut entrepreneur Ed Hartz, with his two children and author David E. Gumpert's following David's talk at Rutgers University. Ed is starting a milk delivery service. Complete Patient blog photo.

“The news that Ontario’s food police are challenging the exoneration of raw dairy producer Michael Schmidt—in the face of a thoroughly researched and documented judicial opinion—raises the question of why these officials remain so obsessed about milk. Continue reading

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