Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s Queen’s Park news conference release

The following is a statement which raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt read to reporters and guests in the media room at Queen’s Park this morning beginning at 9:30 am. Michael’s speech was followed by a lengthy statement by lawyer Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

Farmer Michael Schmidt speaks to a National Post reporter while Karen Selick also talks to reporters following today's Toronto news conference on the govenment's appeal of the raw milk verdict.

February 16 Press Statement, Queens Park

This Press conference is directed personally to Premier Dalton McGuinty and those MPP’s who seemed to be under the tight control of the marketing boards in Ontario.

In 2006 after the violent raid on our farm I said, that the Government of Ontario made a big mistake having chosen me as the prime target to attack the raw milk movement. Justice Kowarsky rendered a clear and lengthy decision in our favour based on the facts presented to him and based on his own legal research. Justice Kowarsky is a trained Justice of the Peace as we had required somebody who was trained in law. That is an important aspect.

Farmer Michael Schmidt and lawyer Karen Selick at todays news conference.

The Attorney General and the Bruce Grey Owen Sound Health Unit did appeal the decision last week and once again the current liberal Government missed a truly historical opportunity to enter into dialogue and co-operation.

I have received two death threats and have been publicly assaulted. It is unfortunately that the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and the current Government create intentionally a climate of hatred and adversity. If something happens to me or to the farm, then it is simply the result of the actions of those agencies.

Since the acquittal I have been bombarded with requests for raw milk and by farmers who wanted to develop a cow share operation like ours.

Every time I get approached I make it very clear, that the ruling did not legalize raw milk at all. This ruling acknowledged and clarified the limitations of the states jurisdiction.

After the ruling in January, I organized a meeting with farmers who approached me regarding the mechanics of a cow share operation to express my concerns about raw milk production without proper guidelines and checks and balances.

We agreed to form the Association Cow Share Canada which will establish production guidelines, testing and inspection procedures.

We established a Cow Share College beginning its work in April or May with international experts on Raw Milk production.

The Second International Raw Milk Symposium, which we started here in Toronto last year, will take place this year in Madison Wisconsin on April 10. 2010.

You can see the raw milk movement is well on its way to provide regulators and government agencies with the opportunity of co-operation with well educated and intelligent people in order to produce a safe and healthy product people need and want.

I send last week a registered letter to the Dairy Farmers of Ontario to offer my assistance and co-operation in exploring the possibility of finding ways, how we could develop the raw milk market as a true niche market here in Ontario.

Karen Selick did also approach the new Minister of Agriculture and Food Carol Mitchell to discuss the eventual legalization of raw milk.

I assume the appeal to be the answer to those offers we made.

I can assure you that the current approach by Government or Marketing Boards will not work. Please take your time and review the general tone of comments from across the country for example on the CBC and CTV websites as a response to the Governments actions. The tide is turning. People are starting to rebel against the nanny state, against over regulation and against the obvious corruption..

This ongoing battle about raw milk has galvanized people from all walks of life, who have been faced with similar situations.

We are overregulated, we are over controlled, and we are forced into an environment of compliance through fear.

This raw milk debate is about basic rights, which we have lost and which we are losing every time this Government passes another regulation without considering the most important factor of liberty and individual rights.

This raw milk battle is about basic food rights.

We are forced against our will to eat sterilized, pasteurized, radiated, pesticide and herbicide laced and genetic manipulated Government inspected food, because we have been given no choice.

We are dangerously close to a real revolt against this emerging faceless dictatorship of bureaucrats.

Let me tell you, this is not the end; this is just the beginning of the food rights movement.

I like to thank those individual MPP’s who happened to be Conservatives for their continued support in this matter.

Michael Schmidt

Glencolton Farms, February the 16th, 2010

Lawyer Karen Selick speaks at the news conference.


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17 responses to “Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s Queen’s Park news conference release

  1. Absolutely brilliant statement by Michael. “dangerously close to a real revolt against this emerging faceless dictatorship of bureaucrats.” His words are Grade A certified!

  2. “This is just the beginning of the Food Rights Movement” Yeah! Go Michael!

  3. Jenny

    I pray to God so you be victorious for all of us.

  4. Jenny

    God bless you for your work.

  5. Sibernie

    Well said Michael! When the day comes that the government bans cigarettes because about 45,000 Canadians die every year from smoking them (Canadian Lung Association), then we can take them seriously when they argue raw milk from a “public health” standpoint. In the meantime, people should be allowed to have easy access to raw milk from a healthy source. It’s my body and it’s my basic right to choose what to put into it. Common sense, goodwill, logic, personal integrity, good health and nutrition will eventually win over greed, power, control, collusion, fear mongering, and political gain. Why is it legal for me to consume raw milk, but illegal for a farmer to sell or distribute it? These laws make no sense. The demand for raw milk is growing stronger and I would like to be able to buy some. It’s time for the public health laws to change and it’s time to make raw milk from healthy, grass-fed pastured cows LEGAL!

  6. Level Headed

    I’m a constituent and I approve this message. Thank you.

  7. Fabulous. A concise, intelligent argument; this is so lacking in today’s discourses.

  8. way to go michael! keep fighting the good fight!

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  10. Allyson

    Well said! I see unhealthy, overweight children everywhere and there are no government regulations in place to stop their parents from feeding them refined sugars and trans fats. I make healthy food choices for my children based on research and education. I know what is good for my children and it is becoming more and more difficult accessing real food because of the decisions made by government. I agree that the “public health” argument is seriously flawed and not even remotely believable. If the government cared about “public health” they would focus their attention on the unhealthy masses instead of a few people making healthy educated choices. Make trans fats, refined sugars and cigarettes illegal and maybe there would be some credibility to the “public health” argument. EWG tested the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies, and found nearly 300 chemicals, including BPA, perchlorate, fire retardants, lead, mercury, and PCBs. Our babies are born toxic, focus your attention on that “public health” problem!

    Michael you are a true hero in a world where our children are bombarded with negative images and false heros. Because of you my children know that there are people willing to fight for our rights and I’ve been able to teach them that they have a voice. We appreciate everything you are doing and I’m glad you are a role model to my children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  11. Scott

    Well said Allyson! We are lucky that Michael is standing up for our rights. This all about greed and control.

    Should we pasteurize mother’s milk? No, then why pasteurize grassfed cow’s milk, it destroys all the beneficial enzymes, bacteria, and vitamins. Grassfed cow’s do not have the issues that grain-fed cows do. Cow’s fed grain are sick, and pumped full of antibiotics to keep them alive. Cow’s evolved eating grass not corn and soy!

    Let’s focus on the real problems; vegetables oils (canola, soybean, cottonseed, corn…) cause inflammation and cancer. Yet they are advertise as heart healthy!! Utter crap!

    Saturated fat is actually the best food to protect against heart disease, but it is demonized. Full cream, butter, tallow, and coconut oil are your good good allies in health!

    Sugar disrupts hormones (leptin, insulin, cortisol to name a few) imbalances in these hormones cause issues with metabolism, leading to obesity, diabetes – the Metabolic Syndrome. Couple this with vegetable/seed oils and you have heart disease.

    Foods marketed at kids are full of guess what; sugar, vegetable oils, and broken pasteurized milk. No wonder there’s an epidemic of obesity and mental disorders with kids starting younger and younger.

    Lastly vitamin D is vital to health, and what are we told, cover up and lather on the sunscreen. Our species is in trouble if we keep listening to our governments for what is right for us to do.

    My family drinks 8L a week of Raw milk and we have never been healthier.

    Think for yourself!

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  13. Juliette

    I can’t believe that the Ontario government is spending precious dollars of my hard earned money to fight such a ridiculous fight.

    Raw milk has been drunk for hundreds of years. Today many people all over the world still consume raw milk and are leading healthy lives. The issue is not drinking of raw milk, the issue is government and business control over our lives – as someone once said “control the food and you control life”.

    If this government cared for people, it would not allow small innocent children to be poisoned by junk foods like McDonalds, Pizza places, Nacho places, pop, highly processed foods, etc.. – there is plenty of evidence on how harmful these are to human consumption. What about food labeling, why was this blocked? – Government does not care about you and me, it is in bed with business and it fights with the Michael Schmidt because he is a threat – a threat to established organizations and boards that line our government pockets.

    Is there a risk in drinking raw milk? Is there anything in life that is not a risk? I will take my risks with raw milk for the risks are much lower than drinking pasteurized milk – as anyone ever wondered why “lactose intolerance” is so prevalent today?
    If the government of Ontario was my employee I would fire it.

    I don’ want governments telling me what I can or can’t consume, God gave me a brain, I am very capable of making my own decisions. I also believe that so long as government does not try to hide information from Canadians, Canadians are also quite capable of making good decisions in their own life. It’s time we tell our Governments to stop manipulating and controlling us and to get out of my personal lives.

    This is not about raw milk, it’s about Canadians having or losing control of their lives. Canadians, let’s unite in telling our government “NO THANKS”. Let’s tell them we are capable of making our own decisions.

  14. Juliette

    why is my comment being moderated, do I not have freedom of speech?

  15. thebovine


    We have it set up so the first comment from a new commenter is moderated. Once your initial comment(s) have passed moderation, subsequent comments should appear at once.

    Hope this will be sufficiently free for you; otherwise you could always start your own blog!

  16. proulx michel

    In France, where raw milk and raw milk cheese are still legal, there has been a battle fought by the big milk agroindustry against raw milk. These are German, Dutch, Danish and French. But in France the battle was essentially fought by two of the biggest agroalimentary industries of France.
    They were defeated, and some, who had bought and closed some raw milk camembert facilities are being forced to re-open them.

    All the cases of food poisoning because of germs in the milk and cheese, were due to pasteurised milk. Raw milk cheese contains its own protections against that.

    My grandpa, who ended his carreer as assistant-inspecteur général of dairy products in Québec still drank raw milk in his latter days, although the mere mention of this would seriously anger my father (a doctor). When I expressed surprise, he said that he considered raw milk much sounder than pasteurised milk. Just that controls were too difficult to be set;

    Also note that in England, raw milk cheese is still legal, and, contrary to Wales and Scotland where they are not, the variety of cheeses in England is much better and sounder.

    • aj

      I hope that everyone takes a look at what has happened to those 2 calves that Michael used in the small scientific study @ his farm. It should make one regret ever having consumed anything pasturized. It should also cause consideration to the incidence of digesive diseases across this nation.

      Michael, I am from Alberta and I stand with you and your supporters in your pursuit of justice. Your commitment to the cause will will benifit all of us regardless of whether we consume milk raw or pasturized.

      I ask that my email be kept private. Thank you and God Bless.

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