Raw milk farmer to continue fight

Here’s an excerpt from Adam McDowell’s story in the National Post:

Michael Schmidt stops mid-press conference for a sip of raw milk. Aaron Lynett / National Post

“Responding to the province’s appeal last week of his January acquittal on 19 charges relating to his distribution of raw dairy products, Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt said he will continue to fight for the right of Canadians to drink the kind of milk they want — taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary.

In a press conference at Queen’s Park yesterday, which Mr. Schmidt “directed personally at Dalton McGuinty and those MPPs who seem to be under the tight control of our marketing boards in Ontario,” the Durham, Ont., dairy farmer said Canadians should enjoy the fundamental right to eat and drink what they want. “It’s my body. I want to put in my body what I think is good for you,” he said, between sips of raw milk. “The government made a big mistake having chosen me as their prime target to attack the raw milk movement.”

Appearing at Mr. Schmidt’s side was Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, who will assist his defence by preparing a constitutional challenge to the law that bans raw milk in Ontario. It will refer to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ section seven, which guarantees personal liberty….”

And from the comments:
Dimas Y.: “I’m a medical student. Several weeks ago we received our public health training. We learned about the dangers of drinking unpasteurized milk. Pasteurizing milk is the right and reasonable thing to do. The benefits far outweigh the perceived drawbacks. There have been tragic cases in Canada where infants and toddlers died because they drank unpasteurized milk. The safety of unpasteurized milk can never be guaranteed. If not for government regulation and public health intervention, how can we protect these young kids who don’t have a voice of their own? In the interest of public safety, it is necessary to ban the sale of unpasteurized milk, period. Finally, my sincere thanks to Mr. Schmidt and his followers for keeping me and my colleagues busy and well compensated in the future. I hope our antibiotics still work by the time you need them.”

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One response to “Raw milk farmer to continue fight

  1. The Milkmen USA

    We can see the resolve that this man has. Whenever he speaks and wherever he goes, Michael Schmidt exudes greatness and pure good energy. We stand behind you. As soon as we can, we will be beside you. We are organizing to do so now. It takes some time, but eventually, we will have many Milkmen Delivery Services by your side and working to have the very same rights you speak about and strive for. Milkmen USA will soon be delivering and gaining support through customers and the general population in the thousands and then tens of thousands.

    People of Canada, stand strong and do not give in. Be shepherds unto yourselves, amongst yourselves, and lead others to stand up and stay the course.

    The Milkmen USA

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