Toronto Sun reports raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt has received two death threats since his acquittal last month

Since yesterday’s news conference at Queen’s Park, the Toronto Sun has posted a story and video on their website. Excerpt:

Click on image to go to Toronto Sun website to watch video

“A Durham farmer who is heading a raw milk revolution says he has received two death threats since his acquittal last month for breaching 19 provincial laws.

Michael Schmidt talks to Sun reporter at yesterday's news conference

Michael Schmidt, 55, was at Queen’s Park on Tuesday to do battle against an appeal filed by the Ontario government to overturn his acquittal.

Schmidt alleged he was threatened on two occasions after the acquittal by two men at his Glencolton Farms. He did not report the threats to police and suspects they were made by those “against raw milk.”

Scene at Queen's Park yesterday.

“Two people came to my farm to convey the message,” Schmidt said on Tuesday. “They said they would kill me.”

He has taken security precautions, including the installation of cameras, at his 400-acre farm.

“This is a political issue and not a health issue,” he said of his 16-year battle to change laws banning sales and distribution of unpasteurized, unsterilized milk. “My farm was first raided in 1994 and I have been fighting since.”

The 27-year dairy farmer was chugging glasses of raw milk at a news conference on Tuesday.

“Raw milk is a health product and it makes people feel better,” Schmidt said. “There is no evidence that our milk is unsafe.”

He was charged with breaching public health regulations, the Ontario Milk Act, and the Health Protection and Promotion Act. He was acquitted at Newmarket court on Jan. 21.

Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation said no date has been set for an appeal of the case.

Selick said an appeal will be heard by a judge of the Ontario Court of Justice.

She said raw milk is sold in 28 U.S. states and in Europe and can be brought into the country legally.

“We believe this is a huge constitutional issue,” Selick said. “The government is picking on a small minority of people who like raw milk.”

Health and government officials accuse Schmidt of placing the public at risk….”

Read the whole thing on the Toronto Sun website.

News in the making.

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