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Video discussion of “Reasons for Judgement” in Regina v. Schmidt

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Wyoming to pass “Food Freedom Act”

Here’s an excerpt from David E. Gumpert’s latest state-of-the-raw-milk-union blog post on The Complete Patient:

Captain Raw-Milk America himself -- Mark McAfee -- with buffalo, symbol of the great plains. Mark was in Wyoming recently to testify before a legislative committee looking into passing Food Rights legislation. Complete Patient photo.

“The onslaught against private food buying groups continue unabated in states from Georgia to Massachusetts to Wisconsin. The latest blow comes in Ohio, where a state judge ruled a few days ago that Manna Storehouse, the cooperative that was raided in December 2008 by armed agents who allegedly held the Stowers family at gunpoint, needs a retail food license.

(The ruling is apart from a civil suit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and the Buckeye Institute arguing that the Stowers family’s rights to due process were violated by the raid.) Continue reading

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More video from Michael Schmidt’s January 21, 2010 raw milk acquittal

We found this on the Farms for a Sustainable Future blog:

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How does Ontario’s battle over raw milk rights look to our American friends?

The following is an excerpt from “The In-Box“, a blog of the North Country Public Radio news department:

Here's one American journalist who's not getting such a clear view at the moment this picture was taken -- because his glasses are fogged. That's David E. Gumpert (not related to this article) taking a tour of the milkroom with raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on the eve of last month's verdict.

“Politics have played a big part in food production and food safety for a long, long time.

An on-going court case in Ontario places some powerful terms in stark opposition: “experts” “safety” and “health regulations” verses “freedom” “choice” and “natural food”. Continue reading

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Improving cow health thru biosecurity?

What, you may wonder, are the government folks up to now. What do they spend their money and time on, when they’re not looking into how to help aspiring raw milk farmers roll out product for a growing niche market? Well, this could be part of the answer. After all, why should airports and the Olympics get all of our security dollars. Obviously someone sees a market for security down on the farm. Here’s an excerpt from the story in today’s Toronto Star, by Joanna Smith, of the Star’s Ottawa Bureau:

Greg Cameri and Jenn McEachern of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory working at Biosecurity Level 4, the highest security available. Photo: CSIRO, from Sydney Morning Herald

“OTTAWA–The Canadian Food Inspection Agency hopes to persuade dairy farmers to adopt new standards to protect cows from disease by appealing to their bottom line.

That could mean showing consumers would be willing to pay more for yogurt or milk if it meant having more confidence in the health of the animal it came from. Continue reading

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Consumers need to be safe — safe that is, from excessive government — says CCF lawyer Karen Selick

Here’s a comentary by Karen Selick  which appeared in yesterday’s Calgary Herald. It’s mostly about Bill C-6, which we’ve discussed in previous posts:

Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick speaks to reporters about the Province's raw milk appeal at Queen's Park last Tuesday, while farmer Michael Schmidt looks on.

While many Canadians have denounced the recent proroguing of Parliament, there is another sizable contingent who heaved a mighty sigh of relief. Prorogation has resulted in an unexpected, 11th-hour reprieve from a highly controversial piece of legislation: Bill C-6, the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Continue reading

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