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“Dairy state” lawmakers working on bill to allow the direct sale of raw milk by farmers in Wisconsin

Here are some news stories about the state of raw milk in America’s “dairy state”. First, a report from WQOW news. Click here or on image below to go to a page from which you can view this video:

Click on picture to go to news page. Then click on text above the picture on left of that page to view video. Viewers must wade through an advertisement first.

Pepin County (WQOW) – More than two dozen states allow the legal sale of raw or unpasteurized milk.  The Dairy State is not one of them.  Since 1957, Wisconsin law has required milk sold to consumers be pasteurized.

Lawmakers are working on a bill that would change the rules and open up new opportunities for dairy farmers.  Wayne and Janet Brunner began selling raw, organic milk on their farm in the early 2000s.  At one time, they had 600 customers. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt’s “I have a dream” speech to cowsharers in Vancouver

Two Canadian icons -- together at last -- Michael Schmidt and Tim Horton's -- in Vancouver

The videos of Michael’s February 1, 2010 speech are apparently in a not-quite-final form and viewing is for now restricted to members of Home on the Range cowshare. Videos are by Jaime Lund of ReelEyes Productions. Continue reading

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