80% favour raw milk sales in Yahoo poll

Yahoo news is asking whether raw milk sales should be prohibited.

Looks like a landslide so far. All you DFO readers better get on the ball if you want to tilt the table.

I think we all know the answer to that question


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3 responses to “80% favour raw milk sales in Yahoo poll

  1. Mary Walker

    No!!! This is a forgone conclusion. What I fear next is the same thing happening all over. Another beaurocracy has been hinted at forming; a Board to watch over the production of raw milk. Are we not going down the same path? Will this not become reliable on its own continuance by restrictions, prohibitions and finally choking out the very birth of freedom to return nutrition to the table?

  2. thebovine

    The bit about the poll closing in under one minute seems to be false; it’s been saying that for the past several hours.

  3. Michael Schmidt

    In today’s political environment it is hard to imagine to be capable to initiate change. How many of us are really ready to embrace freedom AND responsibility. The tipping point of change is not waiting for the other side to fail , the tipping point is, when each of us is ready, when we have no fear and when fundamental liberty for all is more important than our individual well being

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