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“A lot of folks believe that raw milk is bad and big brother should ban it and anyone drinking it, processing it or daring to say anything good about it….”

That’s how Bruce of “Bruce on the Bruce” blog opens his post titled “The Milkman’s being milked and we are being suckered!”. Here’s more from that:

Michael Schmidt picture via "Bruce on the Bruce"

“…Put them in Chains , is the battle cry of our protectors and those who do all for the common good!

A lot of folks think the attack by big brother against Michael Schmidt is about Raw Milk well guess again!

The truth of the matter is that Mr. Schmidt’s quest is all about your right to choose, its about freedom of choice, its about property rights its about your right to contract,  its about your right to decide what you can feed your self and or your children, ITS ABOUT THE RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING! Continue reading

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Food police go after raw cheese makers — is it an economic war of attrition?

The following is excerpted from a Chelsea Green blog post by David E. Gumpert titled “Food Police Send Message to Raw Milk Cheese Makers: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide; Behind FTCLDF Criticism”:

Danger -- interest in raw dairy is "escalating"!

“Many dairies that would love to sell raw milk have opted instead for the attractive income, and seeming security, of producing raw milk cheeses instead. They figure they can still get the equivalent of $10 to or more a gallon of milk by producing artisinal cheese, and avoid the hassles with regulators so long as they age it 60 days as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. I’m an irregular buyer of a number of these cheeses made from raw cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s milk, and they’re wonderful. Continue reading


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U.S. psychiatrist contends that the same “emotional plague” that led to Wilhelm Reich’s imprisonment in 1957 is behind “official” opposition to raw milk today

Orgonomist blog author Richard Schwartzman, D.O. has been a practicing psychiatrist and psychiatric orgone therapist for more than 35 years.

Wilhem Reich -- radical thinker, scientist, pioneer, died in 1957, while he was being held in a U.S. prison.

In a post titled “The Government vs Raw Milk“, he explores the parallels between the “mentality” of FDA officials who presided over the imprisonment and destruction of orgone pioneer Wilhelm Reich, and the mindset behind the forces currently arrayed against raw milk. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“….No one argues the assertion that pasteurization was an enormous advance for public health, or that it remains valuable. However, healthy cows raised in a clean environment don’t produce contaminated milk, and refrigeration keeps it fresh. Today’s dairy farmers who produce unpasteurized milk take pride in their clean facilities and in their first-rate healthy cows, certified free of disease. Continue reading


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