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Enviropigs “Trojan Horse” transgenics?

Excerpt from a National Post story by Sarah Schmidt titled “Genetically engineered pigs a step closer to dinner plate“:

University of Guelph developed these Ecopigs. University of Guelph photo.

“OTTAWA — Genetically engineered pigs are one step closer to becoming meat on Canadian kitchen tables with the federal government poised to declare that they do not harm the environment.

Canwest News Service has learned Environment Canada has determined that Yorkshire pigs developed at the University of Guelph are not toxic to the environment under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The official declaration will be made on Saturday. Continue reading


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Marler Clark reviews developments in recent raw milk controversy in Ontario

Bill Marler, of the legal firm Marler Clark, has been involved in a number of high profile litigations involving raw milk damage claims in the U.S., notably with Organic Pastures in California.

American lawyer Bill Marler plays a role in the raw milk movement, as a vocal opponent, but one who follows the news and has often been willing to enter into dialog on the issues.

Marler Clark, through their several internet blogs, have published numerous stories following developments in the raw milk movement stateside and commenting on the safety issues involving raw milk generally. Here’s an excerpt from a recent story by Kristeva Dowling on the Ontario raw milk situation, with Michael Schmidt:

“Ontario made pasteurization of milk mandatory in 1938, but Health Canada did not make it mandatory until 1991. Canada bans the sale of raw milk but not its consumption.

Although it is illegal to sell raw milk in Canada, consumers can own a share in the ‘source’ cow, which is what dairy farmer Michael Schmidt’s (owner of Glencolton Farms) customers do. Continue reading

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Talking ’bout “food freedom” — and that doesn’t mean how many days of the year you will have to work to pay off your supermarket grocery bills for the year

A letter to the Brantford Expositor:

“One of the first things I did when I moved out to my Princeton area farm was to buy a family cow so my wife and I and our five young children could benefit from the health-giving properties of real natural milk in its raw or untreated state.

And so it is with anger and regret that I learned of the province’s recent decision to appeal the not-guilty verdict delivered last month in the case of raw milk producer, Michael Schmidt, a Durham region dairy farmer.

Many people feel that raw milk is healthier because the active enzymes in it have not been neutralized by pasteurization. And, in countries around the world, including Mr. Schmidt’s native Germany, unpasteurized milk is readily available in stores.

Besides, a government that allows pop machines in schools has forfeited its credibility to make judgments on nutrition. Continue reading

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