Listeria recall for B.C. cheese maker

This news is  just in from And although the CBC story doesn’t mention it, our source informs us that this company’s hard cheese are made from raw milk, while their soft cheeses are made from pasteurized milk. Camembert — the type affected by the recall — is a soft cheese — thus made from pasteurized milk.

Moonstruck cheeses, from Salt Spring Island. Photo CBC news

“A warning has been issued about a brand of Camembert cheese made in B.C. that could be contaminated with potentially deadly Listeria bacteria.

The cheese was manufactured on Salt Spring Island by Moonstruck Organic Cheese, the B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) said in a release Monday.

No reported infections had yet been traced to consumption of the cheese.

This recall is the result of what the BCCDC said was a routine sampling it performed on one wheel of the finished product that contained Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. There were concerns that other batches of the cheese might also be affected.

Three Camembert varieties are potentially contaminated, including White Moon, Savory Moon and Ash-Ripened. Affected products include:

  • Code 240110, with best before dates of 03/03/10, 10/03/10, and 24/03/10.
  • Code 200110, with best before date 03/03/10.
  • Code 290110. with best before dates 10/03/10, 17/03/10, 23/03/10.
  • Code 050210 with best before dates 17/03/10, 23/03/10, 02/04/10.
  • Code 120210 with best before dates 23/03/10, 02/04/10.
  • Code 190210, with best before date 02/04/10.

The company’s cheese was sold through various retailers in British Columbia, and anyone who may have purchased it should not consume it and discard or return it to their place of purchase, the BCCDC said.

Listeria bacteria, if present, will grow to high numbers even if the cheese has been stored in the refrigerator. Food contaminated with the bacteria may not look or smell spoiled….”

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One response to “Listeria recall for B.C. cheese maker

  1. Barbara Johnstone Grimmer

    I was just at Moonstruck Dairy last week, and bought a delicious Beddis Blue cheese. Everything was tip top there, and they have a supportive community behind them. To be sure, they are going to implement an independent test of each batch in the future.

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