“The Battle for our Sacred Food” — Michael Schmidt at Total Health 2010

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was a featured speaker and panelist at last weekend’s Total Health conference, held at Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre.

Farmer Michael Schmidt with Shawn Buckley, who's been battling Bill C-6 on behalf of Canadians.

From the conference program: Michael Schmidt has a master’s degree in agriculture and has been a biodynamic farmer for over 33 years.

Born in Germany, he came to Canada in 1983 and has been instrumental in massive changes towards the awareness of the cultural importance of agriculture. He is leading the fierce battle to legalize raw milk in Canada, and founded Ontar Bio Organic Farm Products which later became a Farmer-owned Co-Op.

He has been making headline news across Canada and has received international recognition for his efforts to legalize raw milk. www.glencoltonfarms.com Visit Michael’s booth in the Farmers Market area.

The Battle for our Sacred Food

Sunday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, 203

Humanity has been challenged many times to face the prospect of war, be it physically or spiritually. Today we are at the cross roads fighting for one of the most fundamental rights:

The right for food which nourishes body, soul and spirit. Today’s “intentional” destruction of our food turns the once sacred substance into a dangerous weapon, which threatens the future of mankind.

We are called upon to counter those forces fearlessly with courage and determination. Michael Schmidt will explain how every one of us can be courageous in the forefront to battle for the future of our children and generations to come.

Michael Schmidt takes part in panel discussion at Total Health show -- Dr. Shiv Chopra speaking

Panel: Healing Ourselves and Our Planet using Food and Traditional Medicines

Saturday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 206

Moderator: Helke Ferrie

An illustrious panel will focus on methods to strengthen our inborn immunity and triumph over disease.

    • Learn about the best kinds of healthy food, natural dietary supplementation and time-tested traditional medicines to help you counteract all disease.
    • Learn how to choose and produce safe and healthy foods.
    • Find out about the most effective natural treatments for cancer and degenerative diseases around the world.

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  1. lisa

    i love your blog, I have learned something new today, thanks for sharing

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