Milk cure experiment “how-to’s”

Here’s Elizabeth Walling, of “The Nourished Life” blog with more on her experimentation with the “milk cure” or in her case, the “raw milk cure”:

Nourished Life blog photo

As I addressed in my very first post about my milk diet experiment, how you drink your milk is just as important as the fact that you’re drinking it. Trust me, these steps are very important and should not be brushed aside:

Do… drink the milk slowly. Take small sips so your body has time to assimilate the nutrients.

Don’t… gulp your milk like those people gulping down Gatorade in the commercials.

Do… drink your milk at room temperature or above. (I set mine out in the morning, or gently heated it sometimes. Warm milk before bed really does help you sleep!)

Don’t… swig glasses of ice cold milk. It’s rough on digestion.

Do… spread the milk out through your day. A small glass every half-hour is the original protocol. I tried to follow this to some extent, and tried to never go more than one hour without milk during my waking hours.

Don’t… eat three meals of milk and nothing else. I don’t see how anyone tries to follow the milk diet this way. You’ll either end up seriously bloating or not drinking enough milk. The only way you’re going to comfortably get the minimum gallon per day is to spread it out.

Do… drink raw milk. It’s bioavailable and nutrient-dense, the way mother nature intended.

Don’t… rely solely on pasteurized, homogenized commercial milk. It’s denatured and highly processed.

If you can get these down, you’re on your way to becoming a milk drinking expert. And, seriously, this is not a bad way of drinking milk even if you’re not doing a full milk diet. But if you’re living on milk, it becomes absolutely essential….”

Get the whole story from The Nourished Life blog.



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7 responses to “Milk cure experiment “how-to’s”

  1. Walter's Dad

    What an absolute load of bunk. Sorry, but it is.

  2. thebovine

    These tips are for people who are drinking only milk and a lot of milk as some sort of therapeutic regime.

    I get the idea its a sort of fast.

    Of course no one is a medical expert here, and from what we know of medical experts, that’s probably a good thing.

    Still Elizabeth Walling is taking the trouble to experiment with this protocol of drinking just raw milk for a while, and it’ll be interesting to see how that works out for her and for her health.

    Anecdotal evidence — it’s what you have to go by if big pharma won’t fund studies on your health ideas.

  3. Walter's Dad

    The problem is, no matter what result Elizabeth Walling reports (and it will probably be the “miracle cure” for whatever ails you) there is no way to verify it. And sadly, some people will read her blog and try it, meanwhile delaying or ignoring the use of legitimate therapies. This is a dangerous game to play with someone else’s health, especially when you have no real evidence at all.

    And I beg to differ on your acceptance of anecdotal “evidence”. It’s a good place to start in the development of a theory, but it MUST be researched using the scientific method or it will always be labeled as unsubstantiated. Big pharma are not the only ones who can fund studies – why not get the WAPF to spend some $$ on this, rather than wasting it on sending Sally Fallon et al to travel around the country speaking at events or on cumbersome legal defences (which are just going to get more and more frequent and expensive). There are plenty of researchers in universties across Canada and the US that are well equipped to design and conduct these types of studies. They’ll get the study published in a peer-reviewed journal, allow other researchers to replicate and validate the results – and bang, you’ve got your evidence. Answer the questions and substantiate the claims definitively, once and for all, but do it it a format that is based on good science. I’m not suggesting that it’s easy, but it’s the only way to do it right.

  4. C. Hadden

    I beg to differ with you, that is not the only way to do “good science”.
    Good science has to start with an open mind and not a hidden agenda or bias.
    The Milk Cure worked and healed 1000’s of documented cases. The Cure didn’t fade away because it didn’t work, it disappeared because it became illegal to use it, in spite of its excellent record of healing.
    And who pushed for it to be made illegal?
    Why our good friends at the AMA, who incessantly demonized and slandered raw milk and anyone who used it. Just like they did with all the cancer cures of the day.
    There have been many studies done and they always found a reason to discredit them.
    And even if we did exactly as they, the powers that be, wanted in a study, it still wouldn’t be accepted as valid.
    Because it’s not profitable for them to do that.
    And face it, profit is the bottom line and the only line they pay attention to.
    Those of us that are using raw milk don’t need a study or the govt blessings.
    We know what is true, how it works and why we are willing to fight for our right to eat, drink and grow what is healthy for US and our families.
    We are intelligent adults capable of rational thought and not a nation of dimwits in need of monitoring lest we harm ourselves by doing things that have been done for centuries safely by people all over the world.
    We have a God and his name is not FDA or CDC or WHO.
    He already left clear instructions on how and what we should eat and information about certain other things that keep us healthy.
    It’s the businesses, the courts and the govt that are out of line and out of touch.
    If they truly cared about our health all tobacco, alcohol and untested drugs that would be taken off the market and never allowed to be sold again. There is a bedsheet list of chemicals that should be taken out of our enviroment and those that pollute would have been arrested and jailed long ago, instead of given pats on the back and decades to clean up their messes.
    If they really cared GMO foods wouldn’t forced into our food chain against our wishes. The Govt wouldn’t have sued the Europeans to force them to accept GMO and repeal their laws forbidding the GMO foods to be sold.
    And they wouldn’t have just spent millions trying to convince the nation that the untested Swine Flu vaccine was safe or try to get the injections mandated by law.
    It’s those that seek to enslave us by controlling our food and lives that are the greatest danger to the public health.
    That’s because their focus is on money and how much they can make. And every time anything gets in the way of them making more money they call out the troops and start to fight like hell to ensure all obstacles are overcome!
    It’s by any means necessary to destroy the opposition.
    They lie, tweak studies to show the outcomes that they want, that have stock in keeping as many people sickly as possible.
    Tell me, how can they be objective if they are taking money from the industry they are supposed to be monitoring?
    How fair are the laws going to be when lobbyist are involved?
    How fair is a law going to be when it benefits your company and prevents your competition from operating?
    Do you still believe they operate in your best interest?

  5. Walter's Dad

    Thanks Cheryl. An interesting rant on a host of unrelated topics, but let’s go back specifically to claims that raw milk has curative effects. Although you claim “The Milk Cure worked and healed 1000’s of documented cases.”, where is the evidence?

    When you say “The Cure didn’t fade away because it didn’t work, it disappeared because it became illegal to use it, in spite of its excellent record of healing”, how can you substantiate that? If the raw milk cure worked so completely and convincingly, wouldn’t that preclude Big Pharm from ever even evolving? I’m sorry, but a far more plausible explanation is that we found that this “cure” really didn’t work , just like we did with miasma theory, bloodletting, trepanning (drilling holes in the skull to release evil spirits ,as a ‘cure’ for epilepsy) etc. Each of these theories had it’s day (sometimes for centuries), but were eventually discredited through science.

    And that brings me back to my original point. If raw milk has these qualities and is capable of doing what is claimed, it can be substantiated if you focus your efforts (and $$) into making unbiased studies happen. There are so many university researchers out there who would jump at the chance to answer these questions, but they need the funding to do it. Although you may believe that everyone else in the world is conspiring against you (another claim without merit), real scientific researchers are only after one thing – the quest for truth. God can’t help you here, but true science can.

  6. sean talbott

    I too, fail to see the point of a long blog post about “milk cures” with ZERO in the way of references or studies to back it up.

  7. Someone

    Ah, science as the new religion…

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