B.C. farm defies raw milk court ruling

CBCnews.ca reports on the story and attracts 146 comments. Here be excerpts:

Members of a Chilliwack cow collective say a court injunction won't stop them from distributing raw milk. Photo from Home On The Range Dairy

“Members of a cow-sharing collective in B.C.’s Fraser Valley say they will continue distributing raw milk, despite a court ruling.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled the Home on The Range co-op in Chilliwack is “willfully causing a health hazard” by supplying its members with unpasteurized milk.

The collective was formed to get around a B.C. law prohibiting the sale of raw milk.

The 400 members own shares in 21 cows and pay the operator, Alice Jongerdon, to take care of them.

“The key point is that it’s not in commerce. It’s not for sale, it’s never for sale,” said co-op member Gordon Watson.

“Therefore we got around the idea in the Milk Industry Act [that] if milk is for sale in British Columbia, then the government has oversight over it. And so we just went ahead and took our property home and we paid Alice to look after the cows for us.”

However, the provincial government wants to stop the distribution, saying it’s against the law and dangerous….”

And now for a sampling of the comments:

Vanpet: “Let’s stop refrigerating our meat while we’re at it. After all, refrigeration is a relatively new idea. Oh, and of course there is government conspiracy involved in chlorinating water as well. If we do get sick, we’ll just go down to the local lake and get some leaches to do some blood letting. No need to immunize against disease either. Pray about it. That makes it all better.”

Manta909: “I have drank raw milk when I was a kid on my uncles farm, my cousins only drank raw milk. It was great and no one got any of those diseases. I also knew another family that bought raw milk from the farmer down the road they were just fine and my parents bought it on occasion when the store was closed it was fine. I say if it is there cow and there milk let them drink milk for all it is worth!”

tdot34: “Government is trying to protect the Milk Monopolies of Canada. If farmers are allowed to start selling raw milk straight from cows, the Milk board will lose revenues plain and simple.

I agree that there is a health risk from bacteria and anyone who buys raw milk must be told of the risks, and that this type of milk should not be sold in Loblaws, Safeway, Save-On etc.

If someone wants to invest into a cow farm, and be given raw milk as a “dividend” the government should have no say in the matter, as long as these people know the risks involved. This is no different than raising your own cow and drinking its milk.”

playoffbeered: “Cboo44 wrote:Posted 2010/03/22 at 10:49 AM ET
“This IS NOT about monopolies, taxation or any other red herring that is being thrust forward for the ignorant public to get side-tracked on.
He is CONTRAVENING a law established to keep people safe. He does NOT agree with it. So what? So he can just ignore it?”
He is obviously not ignoring it, he is taking it by the HORNS and standing up to the government, that is how laws that are stupid get changed, by challenging them, and judging by the posts here he has allot of us “ignorant public” on his side.”

old woman 1845: “Just who is the government protecting? Fast food is causing lots of health issues, no laws protecting us from that. Man kind has been consuming milk raw for eons in one way or another, and some of have gotten sick, How many people have had to have their legs removed because of diabetes? Sugar and corn syrup are still legal. Sure makes a person wonder who is protected.
Just keep in mind it is not wise to mess with mother nature. Milk from healthy, ( and who would want unhealthy cow milk) collected in a clean manner, stored at the correct temp. is safe. OR is it?’

Mich307: “They’ll have you fear anything and everything natural. ‘They’ put out reports that healthy mother’s milk is dangerous for babies – stuff tainted and poisoned formula down their gullets instead.

They’ll have you believe that unless nature has been screwed with and over processed it’s not healthy – hey leave the aluminum, aspartame, fluoride, mercury out of our food.

What they fear is a healthy population turning on them!!! They need us dumb and weak!”

seanQuixote: “Ugh… Please read the article before commenting.

to: Cboo44. This milk is NOT for SALE. It’s a coop and the milk is distributed to the OWNERS of the cows. Your children are not in jeopardy from this milk so your analogy is false.

These people have not found a means to circumvent the SALE of raw milk, they’ve merely found a legal way to ACCESS raw milk. And now, the government is changing the rules on them.

If you have the right to jump out of an airplane, a relatively risky thing to do, for no other reason than pure pleasure. Then, conversely you should have the right to consume a product you feel has specific benefits.”

Iwonwonwonder: “Members of this co op are making an informed choice. They know the risks of raw milk products vs the risks of milk that has been processed. The original article stated that e coli was found in the raw milk, but I have not seen any reports that anyone from this co op has become ill.

E coli is found on spinach and ground beef in are markets, water from our pipes etc. These are regulated products that problems are identified only AFTER someone becomes ill.

Testing of their milk should continue so that any contamination can be dealt with just as it is in any other industry. If someone becomes ill then just like in the other regulated areas, the powers that be can step in to ensure the contamination issue is dealt with.

The majority of us are used to drinking processed milk, but many on this site have shown that they prefer raw milk. Let them carry on, but let them have their sources tested so as to minimize the chance of any problems. They are making an informed choice as I have noted earlier.

If we were to argue about risks of milk, how many people out there have consumed milk for the majority of their lives, felt ill or had a funny stomach to discover that they are lactose intolerant or “allergic” to milk ? Humans were never meant to digest cows milk. We are the only species that consumes the milk of another species.”

Read the whole CBCnews.ca story complete with all 146 comments here.


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2 responses to “B.C. farm defies raw milk court ruling

  1. Milkmen USA

    It is sad and disturbing to read such news. It is terrible that government pushes the people and dairy this way. It really appears that they are protecting themselves and business for their own profits. We all have enough to work our own jobs, the farms, and other business or livelihoods that support our families without watch dogging them or defending our rights. How much can one take? It will be time soon to either vote them out of office or start a peaceful revolution in some way. Ghandi did it and so did Martin Luther King. Keep fighting. Push them back. Do not give in. This is the very reason that the Tea Party has been started in the USA. Check them out.

    We support you all in your cause, our cause and are here to help in any way we can.

    Thank you.

    The Milkman USA

  2. Reading these comments you have to be sad at the ones who assume that raw milk is dangerous, with no personal experience.

    Thank goodness for freedom loving people. There are far too few.

    My experience of raw dairy is one of wholesome goodness, it is a pure and untainted product.

    I want the world to know that it is a lie that it is unsafe. Everyone tell someone!

    If you have a website, please run the ad for the raw milk symposium on it. It is available under “Spread the word” on rawmilksymposium.org.

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