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What do Toyota and raw milk have in common? — increased sales, and….

David E. Gumpert’s latest thoughts on the evolving raw milk scene in America. Is demand for product leading to cut corners and compromised quality in the raw milk marketplace? An excerpt:

Can't remember where I found this creative concept ad -- but I knew it would come in handy someday. Dansk Port Technic offers a special to Toyota owners -- 20% off garage door replacement. Ha ha ha!

“…..The more I learn about raw milk illnesses, the more I realize how naïve many of us raw milk consumers are. Continue reading

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Berkeley woman gets her mojo working

Here’s the latest curiosity from the wide world of agriculture, via “The Ethicurean”, specifically a post by Marc R. titled “Monkeying around: Berkeley woman hires out fruit-picking primate”:

MOJO the monkey -- will work for tree fruit

I was eating breakfast at North Berkeley’s Guerrilla Cafe the other day when I spotted a sign on the other side of the room with this intriguing headline: “MONKEY FOR HIRE.” After ordering their waffle of the day (buckwheat!), I went over to take a closer look at the sign. It read, “Are you tired of looking up into your tall fruit trees, gazing at lemons, apples, plums and other delicious fruits, but are unable to reach them? Continue reading

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