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Regulatory overkill hurting small farmers — Victoria Times Colonist

Thanks to Gordon Watson for the heads up about this story, which appeared April 2nd, 2010. Excerpts:

“……Yet while the need to ensure food quality is unquestioned, is it possible things have gone too far? A small co-operative in Chilliwack has been ordered to stop selling raw milk.

According to the Fraser Health Authority, unpasteurized milk is a health hazard. The B.C. Supreme Court agreed, and issued an injunction.

But knowing what we do about safer handling techniques, is raw milk the same threat it was 70 years ago? Perhaps not.

A few years ago the federal government attempted to ban cheese made with raw milk. But when the dairy industry in Quebec resisted, Ottawa backed down. Government officials were forced to concede that the degree of risk in modern facilities is quite small…..” Continue reading

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Farmer sold raw milk legally in B.C. until tighter regulations shut him down in 1962 — but it was fine until then!

Kelowna-area raw dairy farmer Gordon Ficke tells his story on Kelowna.com . Thanks to Gordon Watson for the link. Here are excerpts:

Nearly-retired farmer Gordon Ficke legally sold raw milk in B.C. until new regulations shut him down in 1962. Photo via Kelowna.com. If it was ok until 1962, why isn't it ok to sell raw milk in B.C.today?

“You just know you are at the home of a farmer when you see a John Deere tractor parked in the carport. Harold Griffin, a Westbank resident since 1931, has toured the John Deere factory in Moline, Illinois, not once but twice. Although he turned 85 on Feb. 1, 2010, farming is still very much in his blood. In the summer he can be seen on his beloved green tractor towing a forage harvester and hay wagon across one of the local fields, keeping the grass and weeds cut on land controlled by the Regional District of the Central Okanagan. Continue reading


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