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USDA sponsors study to learn how consumers judge raw milk safety

Here’s an excerpt from the report in Health X-Pert.org:

Why do raw milk drinkers keep on drinking it -- in spite of "expert" warnings to the contrary -- enquiring minds at the USDA want to know. Home on the Range photo.

“Despite mounting evidence of the health risks in unpasteurized milk, raw milk advocates continue to tout its alleged benefits, dismissing warnings about bacterial contaminants that can sicken or even kill adults and children, as I write in the Informed Patient column today.

The situation bedevils public-health officials and food-safety experts. “We know raw milk is hazardous, but we don’t know what it is that drives people to consume it anyway,” says Jeffrey LeJeune, a microbiologist and researcher at the Food Animal Health Research Program at Ohio State University.

Dr. LeJeune is conducting a study with funding from the USDA to learn more about how consumers make judgments about milk safety. “There are tacit webs of belief that drive behavior, and everyone acts in what they believe to be a rational way,” Dr. LeJeune says. Continue reading


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