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Irish celebrity chef chooses raw milk

Gordon Watson pointed us to this story by Kristine M. Kierzek from the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Here’s an excerpt:

Irish back-to-basics celebrity chef Darina Allen. Photo via Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel

“Darina Allen has been called the “Julia Child of Ireland” and considers Alice Waters a mentor. But she has never considered herself a chef, but rather a cook and teacher.

After attending Dublin Hotel School, she landed in the kitchens at Ballymaloe House, a country inn and farm on 400 acres in County Cork, Ireland.

Twenty-five years ago she founded Ballymaloe Cookery School, set on its own 100-acre organic farm. Realizing students weren’t making connections between food and farm, she created “Forgotten Skills” courses. Continue reading

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Making raw cheese in a home kitchen

Here’s a great video and accompanying story excerpted from a recent post called “Raw milk makes the rounds” on the “5400 square foot homestead” blog:

Watching Milk Curdle -- Click on image above to watch the above video on Vimeo page.

“Some while back, I signed up for a membership in a Private Club that provides access to raw cow and goat milk. Raw milk is only available through membership in private clubs since selling raw milk to the public is still, believe it or not, a federal crime. Continue reading

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The bizzaro world of American “food”

Here’s a fascinating excerpt from a recent post, titled “Politics and Raw Milk”, from the blog “Pure Primal — Food and Fitness”:

“……The following are some more recent articles on politics and food. Read them and  then try to convince me that that governments aren’t full of idiots or alternatively full of puppets whose strings are being pulled by the big food lobby.

Homemade spinach pies are out; packaged baked potato chips are in. Moms pumpkin bread is out; Kelloggs Pop-Tarts are in — but they must be the whole-grain brown-sugar cinnamon variety.

via New York schools ban on homemade goods at bake sales has parents steamed – latimes.com. Continue reading


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